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by Jack Pera
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Isn’t the Telluride Valley glorious in late spring when the aspens have first leafed out and you drive into the valley about 8 a.m. when the light is so dynamic? The terrific shadows that highlight that early chartreuse green on the aspens combined with the snow-capped peaks at the head of the valley at that time of morning are a wonder to behold. The view is so perfect, in fact, it resembles a Dick Wagner painting. Dick absolutely loved to capture the beauty of the Telluride Valley in the spring.

Those of you who were early ski-area immigrants into Telluride will remember Dick’s studio and paintings very well. His large, circular, renditions of Bridal Veil Falls were legend, and I would claim that they were his Telluride trademark. I miss Dick’s paintings of the area and those of Jim McNair as well. Jim’s paintings are terrific.

Air To Kill For


The ferocious winds with gusts of 50 mph or so we received on June 6th were somewhat abnormal. Oh sure, we get strong winds at times, but not too often do we get them of that magnitude.

Interesting thing about that wind and the very cold weather that followed it the next day: How many of you noticed how crystal-clear the air was on June 7th? The peaks were unimaginably contrasty and sharp. I hope all of you noticed, because a totally smog-free day is a rare occasion indeed in this era of the blanket of smog pollution that surrounds our planet.

Everything was so sharp and vivid I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Believe it or not, (Republicans won’t) we sure are fouling the air and water to an unacceptable degree on a precious planet.


The Immigration Conundrum

The Smirking Idiot is in a near-panic to get his immigration bill passed and desperately needs this victory to avoid lame duck status. His chances are not good.

Basically, there are three camps on illegal immigration: 1. Those who want their cheap labor and other economic benefits but will only give them the least possible remuneration in return. 2. Those who welcome them all and are willing to give them the moon. 3. Those who want them all out of the country forever, now. Crawford (Tex.), we have a problem.

There are those who want them all out of the country because the claim is that we can’t afford them. What in the hell does that have to do with anything? We can’t afford ourselves, either, the way we’ve been going the last 75 years or so but that never inhibited debt of any kind. Do the math, Bubba: $9 trillion non-existent dollars and soaring into the infinite multiplied by eternity (tomorrow never comes) equals 21st century economics.

The claim is that illegal immigrants cost each of us additional taxes. That may or may not be, but said supposed additional taxes, if they exist at all, are offset by cheaper goods and services, particularly food. Moreover, if we were to run them all out of the country, do you think your and my taxes would be lowered? No way, José. Government would merely find another boondoggle, such as war, to waste them on. Personally, I’d rather give my fraudulently wasted tax money to poor people than to war profiteers. War is ugly, expensive, unnecessary, and heartbreaking to some. For my money, I’ll take vegetables, fruit and so forth I can afford any day over war.

The government wants to fine each of the illegal immigrants allowed to stay in the U. S. $5000.00. Fair enough. What would be fairer yet would be to let them charge it, to be paid off in exactly the same manner the U. S. intends to pay off all of it’s $9 trillion dollar and soaring out of sight, er, um…“prosperity” deficit.

It’s obviously and truthfully claimed that the illegal immigrants do work that Americans won’t do. Jay Leno said it best when he said, in effect, “if we let them become Americans, then they’ll no longer do our dirty work either.” Jay also said “if we let them become Americans, they’ll take our jobs that are being outsourced to India.”
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