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by Jack Pera
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Aug. 11 News Headline in the Rocky Mountain News – General: Time to Eye Draft. Volunteer Force Is Too Stressed, Says Bush War Adviser.

Conscription? Wow, what a marvelous, poisonous and timely proposal. Particularly when neither political party will touch a wartime draft with a 10-foot pole. We are at war on three fronts, are we not? Mention of a draft in the Hallowed Halls of Halloween (Congress) is as taboo a subject as when Congress decides to raise its own wages, a “privilege” denied to everyone else who works for wages. That’s why they do it in the middle of the night, when everyone is asleep. Why not pass a military conscription bill at 2 a.m.? What’s sauce for the goose is good for the dander.

I mention that we’re in a war on three fronts – and you probably wonder where the one other than Afghanistan and Iraq is. As you wonder, keep in mind I’m talking war on a pragmatic scale, and do not include the political or economic fronts. Sure, we’re having a semi-serious economic tussle with China at the moment, the Cold War is being resurrected with Russia, we’ve pissed off the rest of the world (excluding Poland, Israel and England), we’re rattling anticipatory bomb-the-crap-out-of-‘em sabers with Iran, North Korea, Syria and others, and we’re in the midst of an uncivil war among ourselves, but these are all problems for which a military solution is on the back burner.

The three war fronts that are occupying our time and stupidity at the moment (while eating up our money, human mortality, respect and popularity) are in Afghanistan, Iraq and “the terrorists” in general. At this moment and into the immediate future, our wars on Afghanistan and Iraq are insolvable. I likewise fear our war on terrorism likely will  never be solved, short of conquering the entire world, instigating a global police state and totally eliminating subterfuge, which is basically terrorism wearing another hat. Oh my, the price of empire, but come Armageddon or hell and high water our government and those who support and control it insist on giving it a go. The problem with terrorism is that until you eliminate the root cause, you end up creating two more terrorists for every terrorist you eliminate. The upside is that nothing beats playing an ultimate zero sum game while guaranteeing prosperity forever like war.

Isn’t it weird how life works? In the 1930s the industrialized world was mired in an economic and psychological Great Depression and lo and behold a chap named Adolph Hitler came along and saved the day by promising Germany a thousand-year Reich (empire) by conquering the whole of Europe plus the additional countries and continents which contained the resources needed to fuel his economy and war machine. The rest is a history lesson, and I’ll leave it at that, except to mention that the mechanism that defeated the evil tyrant was debt. Good old newfangled American debt. Unabashed and irresponsible debt that works so well, it now has no known limits. Debt that created a standard of living that’s the envy of most, but not all, of the rest of the world. Debt that fuels the consumptive appetite of a country with one-twentieth of the world’s population using a third of its resources. Debt that requires we secure our resource base through war, covert and otherwise, to keep our engine running and expanding.

Oh, did I mention that debt and war are blood brothers? It’s true. When George W. Bush stole the presidency the first time, the U. S. wasn’t engaged in an open physical war with anyone. Now, some six-and three-quarter years (and a triple front war later), highlighted by our invasion of an innocent country, our national debt has soared from about $6 trillion dollars to $9 trillion and is climbing into the cosmosphere. Good old American debt and war, the envy of the world, made possible by the concept of central banking, AKA the Federal Reserve System.

But wait, something has suddenly gone horribly awry, to wit this news headline on August 9: Stocks Plunge as Lending Worries Mount. Lending (debt) of the type used to save the economy and the Bushite presidency a few years back that let people who didn’t have a prayer or more than ten bucks to their name buy a home with no money down and a dollar-a-month payments (figuratively) isn’t working anymore. These people are cruelly being forced to suddenly begin paying the true cost of the loan. In other words, plain and simple, pony up or push on. Well push has turned to shove and these people are being evicted lock, stock and over a barrel. Said barrel, incidentally, big enough to contain the entire country and flatten the economy.

Yep, unfettered American debt and its inseparable companion, war, are both rebelling simultaneously. Being inseparable, you have to wonder, how that can be? We’re beyond broke, have suddenly begun to realize we can’t give away the (credit, “free” homes) store forever, and now irresponsible consequences has begun to assert its place at the table. Hence, credit has begun to tighten its belt a bit, and the investors go ape, just because a humongous debt made monkeys out of (and a lot of money for) many of us Americans fortunate enough to be alive at this point in time.

So how to save our economic butts? Think stupidity 101, guys. War and debt, remember? A fiend in need is a friend indeed. It doesn’t take to much reasoning to figure out that if war and debt go together like a politician and a lie that the greater the debt, the bigger the war needed to offset it. That brings us back to George W. Bush. More than half the people in America think he’s nothing more than a smirking idiot, but I beg to differ. Sure, he’s made most of the rest of the world hate America, but that’s primo because depending on its size and depth, terrorism alone may not be enough to supply the massive war our debt begs. Concomitantly, we cannot expect to recycle National Guard troops forever or rely on a decreasing voluntary military recruitment program to supply the troops we’re going to soon need to fight all the wars we’re going to need to create to keep the debt, juices, dollars and military budget allotments flowing.

Notice how all the pieces fit together nicely? The Army Lt. General Douglas Lute, who advocates a wartime draft, is a man ahead of the game and behind the curve. Eternal war requires bodies. We’re overdue for an increase in our military of about, say, 20 million new recruits and all the associated military hardware and money needed to support them. Recruits that are only going to come about through a wartime draft, as in the situation we’re in now.

War that’s going to save our increasingly shaky and downright scary economy. But don’t ask me, follow the big boys.

I’ll close with a couple of urgent suggestions: One, in the upcoming elections, be sure to vote for presidential candidates and congresspersons who advocate war, debt and prosperity; and, two, to all you conservative warhawks and liberal welfare leeches who are feeding off the conservative ideology, may I suggest you immediately hustle your draft-age kids down to the nearest government recruiting office to serve as cannon fodder, because my anxiety level has been ratcheted up a few notches lately and harsh reality is beginning to kick in.

Who says life in these increasingly complicated times can’t be simplified? The proof is in, and the equation is straightforward: Eternal war and bottomless debt are now irreversibly and inseparably entwined in our quality of life. Other than becoming a worthless and straight-from-the-devil liberal, God forbid, do we have any other choice? Upon further review, I’ll venture that Hitler lost World War II because he failed to recognize the value of irresponsible debt.

For God’s-favored-nation’s sake, can’t we just attack Iran and put a stop to this asinine subprime mortgage hemorrhaging?

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