Poverty Abounds, And We’re Whining About Bear Creek
by Carla Choate
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We have not experienced an economy like this since the Great Depression. There is nationwide and countywide fear because of unemployment. People are displaced, record number of foreclosures and bankruptcies, poverty and then The Watch decides that “The Battle of Bear Creek” is their #1 story.

Go figure.

– Carla Choate
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January 23, 2011
Well, Mr. Flaherty, plenty of people agree with your observations that the arrogance blinded the leaders to decent strategy...

This is like playing tennis on your heels...you are never ready for the return volley...

From this corner..the ski co should get an attorney who takes it to Mr. Chapman....round and round and round they go...

But in the end this is about facts which are recorded in the records of San Miguel County...

(just like those old restrictions on the Lift 7 development)...

This is hard to make up with a company of this size...Imagine if See Forever is closed for safety as he plows his road...

This would close Alpino Vino which is a superb restaurant; just had another fine lunch there on the deck...this restaurant is a credit to our area..

January 23, 2011
The battle of bear creek.I absolutely love that it has been shut down,the "we can do anything we want" attitude of the ski resort has bitten them hard in the mid section.theres no battle. mountain zero,dude who owns the rights one. thats the bitter syrup that has to be taken.I do not agree with what the owner of the mining rights has been doing but when I hear people complain like their entitled to it I hope he plows a 4 lane highway right through the middle of it all. this is a free economy and the blind eye to the issue taken by the ski resort has led to this issue and nothing else,they are to blame. the possibility of what has happened has always been there, and how could have all of this been avoided? should have bought the rights while you could have,now theres nothing to do about it theres no fight,no point in whining. thank the mountain for not securing the land when they should have.dont blame the guy for doing what he's entitled to as owner and oh by the way that would be whatever he wants to do, it's his.