Rape a Child - Pay $240.00 and Get a Vacation
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 Telluride Free Press
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After our new District Attorney Dan Hotsenpiller's appointment (he was not elected as his website states) he made a trip to Telluride to meet with his buddies in the San Miguel County Democratic Party. During his speech he promised that the days of pleading down sex offender charges was over and that the practice of overcharging crimes to force plea agreements would end although he praised assistant D.A. Keri Yoder - "she shares my values" he stated.

I guess those values include continuing to plea bargain down serious sexual assaults. 


DUI convictions get harsher penalties than repeatedly raping a 15 year old girl.

Dan is a partisan Democrat with no understanding of the level of corruption that he has waded into. Let's pray that Democrats or Republicans find someone who understands exactly what justice is and who understands that a District Attorney's job description does not include partisan convictions, protecting his party and minimizing raping children.....and please don't use the excuse "a trial would just hurt the child more. Trust me, going to court (even with the bozos in the Seventh Judicial District) is a lot less painful than having a slobbering pig repeatedly rape you.

The child rapist in the story above will be out in a year with good time and rape again. 

Next time it could be your child. Remember this when you vote in 2012 and don't forget, corruption knows no political bounds. If State Attorney John Suthers refuses to clean up the Seventh Judicial District, throw his Republican butt out of office too.

Read more about the Seventh Judicial District in "Exodus of Angels - The Murder of Harry Force" available at Amazon, your local bookstore and at the Wilkinson Library.


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