Ridgway Makes Good Neighbors
by Kate, Gary and Anders Falk
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On the morning of December 18, our family experienced a house fire in our Ridgway rental home.  Having just moved to Ridgway, we knew very few people in town.  The outpouring of support from the community was immense and very much appreciated!  Our family would like to extend a HUGE thanks to the community of Ridgway for their compassion, generosity and friendship.   

A special thanks to Sue Scranton, Lindsey Hepp and an unknown man for waking us and letting us know that our house was on fire. Thank you to Nori for calling the fire in, and thank you to the Ridgway Volunteer Fire Department for your response.  Thank you to Deputy Lance Fitzgerald from the Ridgway Marshal’s Office for making sure our family was safe and the situation under control.  Thank you to John Hatfield, the Town of Ridgway Building Inspector, for assessing the safety of the home post-fire.  Thank you to Matt Hepp of Alpine Edge Engineering, a neighbor, for offering his professional advice about the safety of the structure, too.  

Thank you to Brian Scranton for orchestrating a dynamic community response with his request for help on Facebook.  Thanks to Brian, we had extra hands and trucks available to help us move things out of the home in the hours following the fire.  Thank you to Sophia Scranton for being such a fantastic playmate and friend to our son Anders.  Thank you to Danika Gilbert, Keith Garvey, Eva and Steve House, Nick Wasser, Pat Ormond, Doug, Scott Withrow and Stephan Barber for packing and getting our belongings into storage.  Ralph, thank you for dropping off packing boxes.

Thank you to Ray Valentine for giving us a place to stay after the fire.  Thank you to Heather Patterson, Kim Dudley and the Withrows for getting us settled in Ray’s home.  Thank you to Jen Classi for giving us essential baby items.  Thank you to Kelly, Kip and Braeden Goodin for outfitting Anders with winter clothing.  Thank you to Marcia, Boaz and Samuel Kinne for lending us clothing and for babysitting Anders.

Thank you to Panny’s for providing pizza and beverages the day of the fire.  Thank you to Mountain Market for your generous gift card.  Thank you to Ridgway Self Storage for providing us with two storage units.  Thank you to the Ridgway Lodge for offering room and food.  Thank you to Shelly Kuhlman at the Ouray County Sheriff’s Department for connecting us with the Ouray County Cares program.  Thank you to the Ouray County Cares program for their Christmas gifts.  Thank you to Toni Wyrick for making her rental property available to us for immediate move-in.  Thank you to the entire Riverpark community who stopped by to say hello and to offer support.

We are settled in our new house and have enjoyed an amazing holiday season.  We are thankful for our community and are certain that we made the right decision to move to Ridgway.  You boast a spectacular number of caring individuals and as a community you are downright amazing.  Thank you again!

– Kate, Gary and Anders Falk

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