Ridgway and Telluride Need Real Disc Golf Courses
by Gus Jarvis
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It occurred to me, just before I teed off on the 14th hole in the City of Montrose’s Baldridge Park the other evening, the Western San Juans are a pretty damn sweet place for disc golf junkies. Be it Delta, Olathe, Mountain Village, and Montrose there’s plenty of courses to chase the chains on. Having said all that, I think there are a couple of municipalities that could step up and build a course themselves and join the rest of the region in providing disc golf happiness. Lately, I’ve been finding my own personal disc golf happiness in Baldridge’s massive 18-hole course that has just about every obstacle and shot in the book. From the wide open cactus filled shots on the front nine of the course to the woody, water-laden back nine, this course is always challenging and always worth the walk in the park. And while the front nine, since it's wide open and out of the shade, can be a bit hot in the summer time, the back nine is always a pleasure to play – even in the 100 degree sun. I particularly like the 14th hole, which is like your disc through the Ewok Village. When the days aren’t too hot, there are always people playing this course and enjoying everything this gigantic park has to offer. Whoever was in charge of pushing this disc golf course to a reality, I owe a debt of gratitude to you. Winding down after a day behind the computer has never been so rewarding. And the Town of Mountain Village, I thank you too for providing a wonderful course and the nine-hole addition is much appreciated. The Double Cabin course, if you haven’t been up there in a while starts off just across the street from Town Hall and gives use to a few ski runs in the summer time. This course takes a little effort to play up the mountain but once you’ve turned the corner, long drives down the mountain don’t get any better. When the snow sucks in the spring while I’m riding the lift, I often find myself hoping the snow would melt sooner in hopes disc golf season will come as soon as possible. Disc golf may not bring glamorous tourists from Italy or give any park certain bragging rights but what it does do is give us working humps a reason to go on in life after we punch out for the day. It's a cheap form of entertainment and all walks of life enjoy the sport. Mountain Village, Montrose, Olathe and Delta have gotten it right by providing decent courses with baskets and now I think its time the Town of Ridgway and the Town of Telluride do the same. In Ridgway, I know a disc golf culture would blossom if a course is built. You build it, I know they would come. I’ve seen the locals hanging out at the Colorado Boy after work. Don’t tell me they would refuse a round of disc golf before grabbing a stool, a beer and a bowl of popcorn. Put in nine baskets along the river trail with some rough, non paved tee boxes and see how it goes. If it gets popular enough, build nine more. Your residents will thank you, I know it. Here’s an added benefit. Ask disc golfers to pull noxious weeds along the river every time they lose their disc. Call me crazy, but I bet the noxious weed problem would be wiped out quicker than you can say herbicide. In the Telluride, there’s already a strong disc golf community playing the course at Town Park, sans baskets. Perhaps Telluride is ready to join the big boys and install some baskets? Don’t get me wrong, hanging out with Telluride’s finest behind the Town Park stage shooting at stumps is fun but Telluride can do better. I propose the Town of Telluride build a full on 18-hole disc golf course on the Valley Floor. I know, I know – did I just (gasp!) say the Valley Floor? That’s right, I said it. The Valley Floor. Did I stutter? This disc golf course, set along the upper San Miguel River could be the gem of all things parks and rec in the entire state of Colorado. It would be absolutely beautiful and with all the wild and free traits we have all come to love about the Valley Floor. What about keeping the Valley Floor as wild and free as it is right now? Well, as long as snowmobiles and groomers are allowed on the Valley Floor for winter time Nordic skiing I feel the disc golf community should be allowed to play a chain-clanking round every now and then. It is our Valley Floor, isn’t it? Perhaps, I could be going about these proposals in a better way like, say, standing before members of town council and proposing these ideas like outstanding citizens often do. Me, I’d rather rant on about this in this column hoping one of you disc golf junkies will gather the forces that be and make a difference for all us disc golf junkies out there. You see, disc golf courses, in the grand scheme of things, are fairly inexpensive to build and if funds really are an issue (which I am sure they are these days) build them in phases. Go forth brothers and sisters and make me proud. Find a way to bring real disc golf to Ridgway and Telluride. Everyone will thank you for your work and generations upon generations will get to enjoy disc golf as they already do in other parts of the Western San Juans. HYPERLINK "mailto:gjarvis@watchnewspapers.com" gjarvis@watchnewspapers.com or @gusgusj
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