SPORTS WATCH | Fox ‘Angervision’ Caused Denver’s Super Bowl Loss
by Gus Jarvis
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You get the idea that Fox wants to be a sports media organization that’s as big or bigger than ESPN. So when all eyes were on Fox on Sunday for the Super Bowl, it was their time to shine. What they do? They went all Fox on us, and showed yet another stupid, irritating interview with head jackass Bill O’Reilly and President Barack Obama.

To get into this, let’s just say Super Bowl Sunday got off on the wrong foot, and for many of us Bronco fans, it never showed signs of turning around. For me, that terrible day started about an hour-and-a-half before kickoff, when I tried to listen to the Broncos pre-game kick-off show on 850 KOA radio out of Denver. Those who know Dave Logan’s call of the game and his pregame analysis know he is the best of the best. I hate Janet Jackson’s nipple and the 10-second TV delay it now causes, because we all know a synced Dave Logan radio call along with TV action was the very best way to watch/listen to the Broncos.

Anyway, since I didn’t have a radio in hand at that moment, I went to the trusty iHeartRadio app on my iPhone to get Dave Logan’s pre-Super Bowl analysis. It was there I found out that per N.F.L. regulations, the pregame show with Dave Logan was not available on streaming media. Reluctantly, I was forced to turn on Fox’s pregame program instead. What I should have done is turn it to any one of the other sports channels on the dial for pregame show, but I was lazy and simply put it on Fox because, well, the Super Bowl was on Fox. 

What a pregame mistake it was.

It wasn’t 10 minutes into watching the stupid channel when all the pregame hype was brought to a screeching halt as Fox presented an exclusive conversation between O’Reilly and Obama. 

I should have known. A Super Bowl on Fox means Fox News gets to shove its angervison down your throat. I reluctantly listened where Bill O wanted to get “some things on record” from Obama.

There is no need to get into the politics of what Obama did or didn’t say during the interview. I do think we can all agree that O’Reilly’s interview was outdated, trite and out of place. As families gather around the TV set to watch a game of goddamned football, why does Fox think an O’Reilly interview is a good idea? I know they have done it in the past, but give it up already.

On a side tangent, whose ass do I have to kiss at the Montrose Regional Airport to get Fox News off the airport TV’s? Having to stand in line for security is one thing. Having to stand in line and be forced to watch Fox News is quite another. Montrose County should find a better, more reputable channel to show visitors and locals while at the airport. Again, anything but angervision.

Fox’s shtick of being an asshole is old and tired, and on Sunday, Americans were excited to watch football. The biggest game of football all year. Naturally, with all that non-political joy in front of the TV set, Fox goes ahead and ruins everyone’s mood by putting an O’Reilly interview on the TV. Angervision for the masses.

That interview belonged on the Fox News channel. Honestly, the only thing I have against the Fox News channel is that it calls itself news. That channel is entertainment for conservatives. The same can be said of MSNBC, which is entertainment for liberals. Neither should be considered news, unless they are completely unable to chew and digest the news on their  own.

It was awkward to go from the pregame conversation to questions about Benghazi and then back to the field for more pregame football conversation. There is a time and a place for everything. Bill O’Reilly does not belong on television before a Super Bowl. It’s plain and simple. You could tell the Howie Long and the rest of the Fox football commentators felt a little awkward after the interview. I felt bad for them.

So what’s the point here? It’s that NBC and Fox are desperately trying to compete with ESPN with 24-7 cable sports networks. NBC has its NBC Sports Network, and I think they do a pretty good job so far. Fox is trying to get its Fox Sports 1 off the ground. Frankly, I think ESPN is too big for its own good and sometimes gets old with all those flashy neon lights.

In a way, I am rooting for NBC Sports Network and for Fox Sports 1 to be successful. Competition against ESPN will be good for us sports freaks. NBC Sports Network is well on its way. Fox Sports 1 could be well on its way, if Fox doesn’t keep screwing it up. A blunder like O’Reilly’s Super Bowl interview simply discredits any Fox sports programming. Am I going to get good sports analysis, or am I going to get O’Reilly and Angervision? Hell, I actually thought they were going to keep the Fox News ticker at the bottom of the screen during the Super Bowl, complete with the waving American Flag icon.

For me, if Fox News keeps its Fox News content on its channel, I’m fine. That’s where it belongs. If I am in need of a dose of unfounded anger, I’ll watch Fox News. If I turn on a football game on Fox, I expect to watch a football game, not Bill O.

Having said all of this, I blame Denver’s terrible Super Bowl loss on Fox and Bill O’Reilly. The move to put that interview on before the game soured so many fans’ moods it changed the world’s collective energy, and gave the upper hand to Seattle.

I am a man of structure. Not having Dave Logan on pregame was a bad start. It led to Bill O’Reilly. Bill O led to a safety on the first play of the game, which led to an embarrassing Broncos loss. I blame the Broncos loss on Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.

Irrational? Yes. But no more irrational than having Bill O’Reilly air a presumably important  interview prior to the Super Bowl.

And somebody, please change the damn channel at the Montrose Airport already!

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