Serious Injuries in Wake of Brutal Early-Morning Assault in Telluride
by Marta Tarbell
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TELLURIDE – An early-morning call to dispatch brought Telluride Marshal’s Office night-shift officers to the scene of a brutal beating in a parking lot near the west end of Pacific Ave., on Sunday, Oct. 16, just before 2:30 a.m.

“There is no indication it was anything but a random assault,” Telluride Chief Marshal Jim Kolar said this week of the beating that left the new-to-Telluride resident with a broken nose and facial fractures, including fractures in his nasal cavity, that emergency-room doctors who examined him said would probably require surgery.

Those broken bones, said Kolar, mean the attackers face felony charges of second-degree assault.

Officers visited the victim at home Monday evening, and plan a follow-up visit later this week; he is expected to see a specialist this week, in Montrose, regarding follow-up surgery.

The victim, in his early 20s, was “walking home by himself after leaving a bar,” Kolar said, when he “passed a female and three males” across the street, on the south side of Pacific Ave.

“The female approached him and asked for a light; he produced the lighter,” whereupon “the larger man in the group crossed the street and punched him in the face,” knocking him down.

The victim got up, Kolar said, according to the incident report, “and asked why he was struck,” at which point all three men “struck him, knocking him to the ground again.” They proceeded to boot-stomp the victim, “kicking him around the head and face.”

Responding officers found the victim “lying in the parking lot,” in a pool of blood. His attackers, he told them, fled over the bridge between Pacific Ave. and Lift 7, and disappeared.

“We have a couple of good leads,” Kolar said of the attackers, and are “trying to identify” more precisely the three Hispanic males and one Hispanic female involved in the attack.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Telluride Marshal’s Office at 970/728-3818.

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October 22, 2011
Dear TFP,

I would never want you or anyone beaten in our town -from your own statement, I assumed you know the person ,as for evidence I do not know you or your incidence . If I had seen anyone being beaten Id call 911.

Calling the cops because I have an opinion about a news story would be irresponsible. Your assailant was white as I assume you are-and the cops know both of you and have talked to both of you.

"a pretty irresponsible statement, would be making people think that there is a group of beaters running around and you were the first victim, and now there is a second victim.

You IDd the perp and the cops have talked to both of you-the other victim will be in the hospital getting his face reconstructed while the cops try to find the criminals that have no place in our town.

Im glad you were on your cell phone and were able to call 911-I'm assuming ! I hope your wounds have healed.Lets pray for the other kid- I assume he has no health insurance-since he just moved here and is young -I hope he does. The cost of crime hits us all.

Im glad that you think its okay that I have an opinion. This is America and I have the right to free speach-I dont need permission or validation from you to express my opinion.
October 21, 2011
arthurb: just saying that we should address the crime which was committed vs. ancillary concerns which some might jump to conclusions. Nothing PC about it.

As to this being "random big city gang violence" vs. the scene I described outside the Llama on NYE, here's a lot we just don't know about the circumstance (in both incidents). Personally, I'm not a fan of violence in any shape or form unless it's necessary as a last resort for self defense. So, I'm not going to sit here and make claims which variety is better or worse than another without knowing all of the facts. For all we know this was an act of random big city gang violence ... or perhaps there was a reason of sorts (not to excuse the crime).

That used to be my regular route for many years as well & I often had thought to myself how lucky I was to be able to not have to think twice about this sort of thing. Perhaps things have changed; however, I don't believe we ought to abandon the rule of law (i.e. due process) in effort to achieve order. Nothing PC about that either.

Having said that, I see nothing wrong with throwing the book at the perpetrators if they're apprehended. Regardless of what side of the political fence we all sit on, I think this is something we can agree upon.
October 21, 2011
Hi Arthur B.

I was trying to write in a way that hid my true thoughts..cynicism is what I think it is called...

My true thought is we need to mine the border, round em up, send em home.

Just yesterday we heard from the president of Mexico saying we are dumping his criminals back at his border town...

Yes! And everyone of them!

Norwood violence will be here soon. This is the first step. Time for adults to step up and take care of this problem.

Time to step up.
October 20, 2011
Hey RFP and Face

The facts are the facts let it be

not sure what your points are? To be politically correct I guess we should't give any description of suspects unless they are white male?

A fight in front of Llama that has evolved from too much drinking is lot different then the random violence of this type of big city gang violence

This hits home as this is the route I take for my late night walk with my dogs right through that parking lot and you don't have police a minute away like downtown

I have always felt comfortable with the people I have met on these walks and I want it to stay this way. I want us to stay a decent small town where we can say hi or help somebody without being accosted

WE need to get tough on this criminal element and not worry whether we are being politically correct.

let the chips fall where they lay
October 20, 2011
Unfortunately RFP, I believe we will get the same old comments from the same individuals.

IMO, it doesn't matter where you came out of your mother's womb, if you're kicking a person while they're down for no good reason, you ought to be dealt with accordingly within the law or however is necessary if confronted in the moment to relieve the assault being perpetrated upon the victim. Sort out the other details later.

I witnessed a group of three kicking a man down in the early hours of New Year's Day this year on the street in front of the Llama and the Buck. They all appeared to be "legal" to the eyes. It happened very fast & a Marshall's vehicle was on the scene within less than a minute due to their presence and proximity that evening. The assailants scattered cowards before any of us could break it up.

A fair fight - one on one - is one thing, but this sort of behavior (using a female as a lure, sucker punching, ganging up, kicking while down) is nothing short of cowardly.

October 20, 2011
This is the second assault in a month.

On September 23rd, I was jumped from behind, beaten and kicked unconscious in broad daylight. The assailant admitted doing it and even with evidence, no arrests have been made.

In that month, I have been contacted twice by Detective Howell, never by Jim Kolar.

I am glad to see this poor man being treated as a victim for a change but if we continue to allow some assaults to go unpunished and some to be laughed off (depending on who the victim or the criminal is - my assailant was white), these types of violent crimes will continue.

I believe we need more accountability from our Chief Marshal.

My prayers goes out to this poor man. Get well soon.

October 19, 2011
Here in Telluride.

Before we get any racist comments like, say, "we should enforce the border properly" or some bigoted comment like, "geez, the drug bunch in the taco cart by the marshalls office who had a million dollars, a pound of coke and the machine guns were hispanic, too" or something even worse we should remember that we are committed to being a civil society protecting the rights of every human. After all, "how can a human be illegal"

Are we a civil society? Is our rule of law enforced or have we become a nation of men enforcing only laws that we like? For instance, the de facto amnesty (via suspension of the deportation process by the Obama regime for "undocumented" people who are just trying to support their family).

Are we a nation of laws or a nation of men?

One or the other we need to choose and tell the truth. Apologies apologies to the poor kid walking home from the bar.

What are we?