The Future of Mountain Village is in Our Hands Now!
by Brenda Van Der Mije, Task Force Member
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The Comprehensive 30 year plan is an educational tool to show what Mountain Village has in store for the future.  The Town Council needs to approve the 30-year plan in its entirety. The comprehensive Plan is to get new Investors interested in Mountain Village. This is all it is!  We can only hope investors will fall in love with Mountain Village as we have when we came here to live.

It’s very important for the public to realize that these suggestions can only be realized in the free market growth. At that time, the Town Council and the Design Review Board will approve each issue separately on its’ own merit and this is the time the public should stand up and voice their opinions.

The Comprehensive Task Force completed a 2-½ year project and was made up of diverse backgrounds from our community.  We were educated by many professional resort consultants.  As a result of the process, we based the Comprehensive Plan, on the need for economic vitality in Mountain Village.

As an owner of two stores in Mountain Village, I understand that the bottom line is so important for the vitality of Mountain Village.  The consultants advise that we strive for a minimum of $700 per square foot for economic sustainability. Per our tax records, it was proven that we are currently making $300 per square foot. Unfortunately, January of this year was like a ghost town in Mountain Village. I’m certain that our Mountain Village merchants made far less than that in January. This has become a dire emergency. As merchants you cannot sustain your business base on a five-month business model and this has a trickledown effect within our community.

What we know today is that we need year round sustainability to grow a healthy community.  A healthy community is supported by the Comprehensive 30 year plan in its entirety. 

If you are a Mountain Village resident, please, go to the MV website and read the whole plan, come to the announced meetings on the issues, email the council members to voice your opinions, and participate, in the whole plan, not just the parts that affect you personally.

 Together, we can make a plan that everyone can live with, and possibly, insure the future of Mountain Village. 

– Brenda Van Der Mije, Task Force Member
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