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 Toxic Fragrance Free Telluride
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Concerned Fellow Breathers,

Toxic fragrances in air scent dispensers are on their way out from the bathrooms at my office building!  Different floor cleaners are possible also.  So if you face the same problem, talk gently to the managers of the properties, show the information about the risk so it isn't just coming from you, and patiently wait for their response.  All good things I did not do and should have.

I could use your advice about phthalate free floor cleaners. 

At home, we've used Murphy's which is ok and we are going to try Bonner's Sal Suds and Ecovers floor soap.  And quite a product lesson for me.  I wandered into either City Market or Home Depot looking for phthalate free and otherwise natural floor and surface cleaners and I picked up a bottle of new Murphy's natural soap with 98% natural ingredients.  Its green instead of golden to those of who know the traditional Murphy's. 

So I unscrewed the top and bang there it was, one of most common phthalate based fragrances I have sniffed.  I looked at the label and it said made for Murphy's by Colgate Palmolive.  My hemp wallet and the paper receipts and folding money in it have that smell.  I air the wallet in the sunshine to get it off for a little while.  I get bad sinus headaches from cleaners just like that, so it goes on the bad list.

I leave you with this thought.  We are just beginning to require drillers to disclose the chemicals in the liquid concoctions they use to frack underground gas deposits.  It is a big problem in states all over the country and the big news a while ago was an EPA study in Wyoming proving groundwater contamination from some nasty chemicals from nearby fracking wells.

Phthalates and many toxins similarly hide from public view, not listed but thrown under misnomers such as 'fragrance'.  Shouldn't we at least have full disclosure in fragrance related products that put toxins in us?

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