Verizon Tower ‘Unthinkable’
by Rod Colburn
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(This letter was addressed to the Ouray County Commissioners)

My name is Rod Colburn. I am a part-time resident of Ouray County, having owned with my wife, Yolande, a second home on Loghill since 2006, which we visit at every possible opportunity, since we believe it to be among the most beautiful and peaceful places on earth. 

We have watched the Verizon Tower developments with interest, concern, and now, distress, as the seemingly unthinkable appears to approach reality.

I've tried to temper those emotions by placing myself in your shoes, since I know that there are no doubt many good and important reasons why this tower should be built. And I try to imagine how things might be different if our place were instead located, for example, in Solar Ranches, or anywhere but Loghill.

But after thoughtful consideration from the various perspectives, one overarching conclusion remains. The single-most valuable resource that Ouray County possesses is its glorious, other-worldly views of the most spectacular mountains in North America. From the upper floor of our home, the 180-degree sweep of the Sneffles and Cimarron Ranges remains utterly breathtaking, even after nearly five years of taking it in. I'm sure there are many reasons why people choose to live in Ouray County, but the clear leader has to be what they can see all around them, every day and year-around. The County's strict visual impact regulations, now being revised and improved, are a clear testament to the importance that the County and its people accord to our greatest resource, natural or otherwise.

So it should come as no surprise to you that the prospect of a large tower right in the middle of the Loghill escarpment, right in front of some of those glorious mountains for almost every resident of Loghill, seems to us like visual pollution of the highest order. Why is our precious resource being so blatantly compromised and sacrificed, especially when the Tower is being erected in clear and egregious violation of the local protections intended to foster and protect the Resource? You are custodians of Ouray County and its resources; why are you permitting such a monstrous violation of Visual Impact principles to be perpetrated?

I know we're only part-time residents, and our voice and influence are (and should be) accordingly muted. But there are plenty of full-time residents of Loghill Village whose views and property values are about to be seriously compromised, unless the tower doesn't go up, or subsequently comes down. What about them? Why should their precious resource be sacrificed for certain vague communications/safety improvements for the rest of the residents that surely could be addressed in a less damaging, rights-depriving, resource-destroying way

I appeal to you:  put yourselves in our shoes, because you represent us, too, even we part-timers with little voice and no vote. Please don't allow our glorious landscape, your glorious landscape, to be permanently wounded, violated, polluted. Why is the solar farm, which obstructed no mountain views, visually unacceptable while the Verizon Tower is embraced?

Please, please reconsider, and move quickly to stop this grave injustice.

With lingering hope,

– Rod Colburn

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January 23, 2011
Being from Maine I have seen mountains littered with wind farms that do nothing but subsidize canadian power. so a small 92 foot tower and it is a very small tower ( I have built towers so I would know) that will help tie the region together with better cell service which also provides 911 service,is a must have and why hasn't it been already done in my book. These companies dish out the money for a site like that which is well over a million dollars to build. there is a new cellular technology being developed in Maine as we speak that would eliminate these sites with a bigger tower higher power less sites to deal with,but im sure people will complain about that as well.Towers are put where they are on purpose its no accident or even more towers would have to be built to cover our exploratory buts when we find ourselves in an awful spot and wish we had service to call for help. I love the granduous views here breathtaking to say the least,but a 92 foot tower on top of any hill is no big loss. I say build it and build more like it, whats the hold up.can you hear me now