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Jack Pera

First, a warning: This is not your ordinary election evaluation.

1) Voting is an exercise in futility.

So the Democrats won big. Thrilled? The gutless, worthless and hopeless political party whose symbol is aptly a jackass has already solidly demonstrated its incompetence, so now we’re stuck with a government of increased ineptitude offset by a tad less corruption. Whoopee.

Will the Dems initiate impeachment and war criminal proceedings against the Bushites (this goes very deep) for destroying an innocent country? No. Will they pull out of Iraq? No. Why not? Because they think by trying to outdo GOP incompetence and criminality, they’ll put MORE troops in Iraq to “win” the war? Sorry, I’m not impressed. The Democratic Party is what it is – a bunch of worthless and gutless incompetents. Is this a radical statement? Wouldn’t it be great if pigs grew wings?

We may have some changes in whomever legislates the dirty work, but we still have the same basic government and ideals. Impossible situation: We need new thinking in America and the vision to elect new people (not politicians) who will get it done. Short of an economic catastrophe combined with an intellectual miracle, it’ll never happen.

2) The cost is too much to bear.

George W. Bush, a.k.a. the smirking idiot, stated during his obnoxious mouthpiece campaigning for Republican candidates that the Democrats don’t have an answer for Iraq. How could they? It’s now an insolvable problem. If the Democrats were smart, they would tell the Republicans to solve the Iraq tragedy however they please. The only way the Republicans can solve the Iraq war is to admit it was a tragic mistake, pull us out of it completely and compensate the country of Iraq as best we can for all the horror we wrought upon it. At this point that would probably involve trillions of dollars, not that that probably won’t be the eventual cost anyway. They’re not about to do that. Nor is macho-man George W. Bush and his henchmen. Neither is America, because we have no collective sense of decency; otherwise none of this would have happened in the first place. Admit it, we’re an empire because it takes a lot of effort to feed our consumptive appetite, among other things. This requires a little warmongering now and then. Get used to it.

3) Psyched? Don’t be.

At bare minimum the election proved one thing: America isn’t quite as divided as we thought. While that may be basically true, I guarantee we will remain every bit as stupid as we always were. Future elections and societal behavior will continue to prove this.

4) It’s all just a mindless game.

The Democrats are the party of giveaway. The Republicans are the party of takeaway. In other words, both parties are involved in a tug-of-war income redistribution for different reasons. Democrats favor economic socialism (welfare/parity). Republicans love socialized economics (confiscate/caste). Together, both parties do a beautiful job of exactly giving us the government we perpetually elect, loathe and deserve. Only an idiotic society would do that to themselves and put up with it.

So what’s the cure? Discontinue the phony monetary system we’ve invented and lavishly reward ourselves with. Alternatively, we need to genetically engineer wings for pigs for their big day ahead.

5) Eminently qualified.

Senator Barack Obama of Illinois is driving the Democrats crazy. They believe him to be a near-saint. A savior. A miracle. They’re positive he’s the man who will lead them to the political “promised land.” Considering he’s a professional politician and a U.S. Senator who lives and works in the land of promises, that shouldn’t be too hard to do.

6) Quantifying ideological beliefs.

I must admit that although I’m fiercely independent, parts of liberalism do have a lot of merit. Further, conservatism likewise contains some virtue. That is, providing the half of one percent of virtue that modern conservatism demonstrates is worth considering.

7) Parting shot.

The time has come to abandon electronic voting forever. In addition to the technical glitches and voting problems involved, and the confusion it creates, its capacity for fraud is making a mockery of honest elections and genuine democracy.

I realize we’re an instant gratification society, but do we really need to know the results of any election instantly?

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