Why Honor Schwarzkopf?
by Glenn Raleigh, Telluride
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I read the story about naming the Telluride Post OffIce for General Norman Schwarzkopf and it made me wonder.

Have we so soon forgotten Stormin Norman Schwarzkopf was in command of the United States Central Command and planned and led Operation Desert Storm, the war against Iraq?

According to U.S. Government statistics, 600,000 Iraqis died or were wounded including 200,000 innocent civilians! We as a nation are failing at or not even trying diplomacy. Instead we go to war, war, war; Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya.  The military industrial complex left Iraq as an irradiated almost uninhabitable land detrimental to life because of the tons of depleted uranium ammunition that was used. They blew Libya into third world status!

Why are we willing to honor the psychopathy of war? Have all these wars done us any good? Are we better off? 

Schwarzkopf was not a historical figure of note who played a part in Telluride .  He only became popularized and wealthy because of a war. In 10 years no one will know who he is.  Philanthropy?  Just ask a veteran who is not being taken care of by the Veterans Administration as promised. They are being drugged and dismissed, often having to look to private organizations for help, or are on the streets homeless. 

My question is why isn't the Telluride Foundation, the mayor and the senator supporting a public discussion about naming the Post Office?  Who are they to determine this? Why not name the Post Office about someone peaceful who worked for the betterment of humanity like Nicholas Tesla ? He left his mark not only on Telluride but the rest of the world in a positive manner. Telluride is the home of the first alternating current line anywhere in the world because of Tesla. Nicholas Tesla is a virtually unrecognized historical character who merits honoring.

What does your heart choose? Where does your humanity lie?  Every time you go to the Schwarzkopf Post Office will it remind you of wartime destruction and slaughter ? Alternatively when you go to the Tesla Post Office will you feel OK about life, maybe lighter and optimistic?

Do we as a town want to support the psychopathy of war or do we want to honor inventiveness for the betterment of the human condition? Can you see the difference?It is time to stop the madness


 – Glenn Raleigh, Telluride

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