Why Mudslinging Persists
by Richard Wojciechowski, Ouray County
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While it has been demonstrated beyond any doubt that the news media as a whole is comprised of left wingers, The Watch is leaning far enough over to capsize shortly. One has to wonder how much longer the advertisers will put up with the slant, or the buying public will put up with those advertising in The Watch.

The August 30 edition has Rob Schultheis touting his family's civil rights credentials – no problem there – and proceeding to declare those of us who want to rein in uncontrolled spending on losing causes "freaking idiots." He labels as "racists" those of us who want to ensure that only those eligible to vote actually vote. He slurs the entire Republican Party as the "Kleptomaniacal Klan." Were Mr. Schultheis paying attention to other news sources, he might have noticed that in at least 19 states counties have more voters registered than they have residents (not just citizens) of voting age. In one case registered voters comprise 520 percent of residents. Colorado counties have up to 140 percent of their population registered to vote. Frankly, of my several long departed neighbors who are still registered to vote, they all looked white to me, but Mr. Schultheis has no problem calling me a "racist." The administration's rules require government photo-identification to purchase Drano, modeling glue and over-the-counter medications such as Sudafed but in his view it is "racist" to require identification to vote. He obviously endorses Chicago rules: vote early, vote often, vote everywhere.

Peter Shelton weighs in with his objection to campaign signs supporting Ouray County commissioner candidate Jack Flowers as a citizen rather than a professional politician, calling this "cynical manipulation." Mr. Shelton touts the incumbent Democrat, lauding her for learning a few acronyms over the past three years in office and for schmoozing with a Democrat senator (pictures courtesy of The Watch) to hear her views on "systemic injustice." The "systemic injustice" is the failure of corporations to make money losing decisions to please Ms. Padgett's socialist agenda. This is the same woman who had a public hissy fit because a citizen with whom she picked a fight had the audacity to talk to his elected representative to the legislature! Apparently in her view only she can talk to representatives elected by the people. As for being a "politician" more than a non-politician, she is the one who charged the county taxpayers $1,600 to send her to political charm school to benefit her political future. We do need more good citizens, such as rancher Flowers, to sacrifice their time and effort for the benefit of our community, not those aspiring to political careers.
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