Wright’s Mesa Citizens Should Hear Landing Strip Proposal
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My question is, why does the San Miguel Planning and Zoning Board assign people, whom live on Wright’s Mesa, to a Citizens Committee Board if they aren’t asked to discuss ideas that are sent to them.

I thought this whole Wright’s Mesa Master Plan was supposed to get as many people as possible, from the Norwood area, involved so we could decide what is best for “us.” The way it appears to me is that it doesn’t matter what we think, or want, a few people from Telluride are going to set all the rules and regulations for us. So, is this really a master plan for Norwood and the Wright’s Mesa? Or do they think we are just a bunch of puppets over here and we are supposed to do what we are told to do?

I sent an e-mail to Mike Rozycki on August 11th, 2009 requesting him to bring up the subject of getting a private/public airstrip on Wright’s Mesa near Norwood. I did this because I knew he was working on “our” master plan. Weeks passed and I didn’t hear anything so I called the planning department. I felt like I was getting a run around and no one ever did return my call, or my e-mail. I called about every month after that and I never did get the courtesy of anyone getting back to me. About a week before one of the final meetings that was scheduled to be held in Norwood, I found out who was on the Citizens Committee board and I called four of them to ask if they had heard anything about my request. I was told by all of them that my e-mail was in the package they received, but Mike never once brought it up for discussion.

I finally got a return phone call from Mike after calling up there three times in one day. I voiced my concern that no one from the Citizens Committee Board was given an opportunity to talk about an airstrip. The response I got was pretty much that he didn’t feel that this was an appropriate idea for Wright’s Mesa. So one person from Telluride is going to decide for everyone on Wright’s Mesa what is best for us?

At the end of my discussion with Mike that day he said he would gladly bring the idea up to the committee again. Again? I thought. The following week I attended this meeting in Norwood and just sat and listened. Yup, pretty much felt like I was just a puppet in the room. Toward the end of the meeting I realized that Mike again passed right by the discussion of an airstrip and I know for a fact it would not have been brought up had I not been to the meeting. After bringing it up myself and being told by Mike that there are just no provisions and an airstrip is not allowed on Wright’s Mesa, and it just wouldn’t be appropriate, I started to question him as to why. In the past there have been numerous airstrips around this area and it is a very common thing around the country near small communities like Norwood. In fact there are 236 of them just in the state of Colorado. I think, to his surprise, three of the members of the Citizens Committee stood up and expressed that they thought that it would be a good idea to discuss this matter further.

So after over five months of getting no response, it is now up for discussion. So I would like to thank Planning & Zoning and the Citizens Committee Board for their willingness to review my request in further detail. I’m hoping that we can all come to an agreement to allow an airstrip near Norwood, like so many other small communities enjoy.

Dennis Eymann, Citizen of Norwood
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