...and this is what we have to choose from?
by TellurideFreePress
 Telluride Free Press
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Okay...let's do the score card here. Obama is pretty much a failure and Hillary is out. Bachman is like some robot with a titanium spine who uses Rave #5 hair spray, Cain is cool but has an economic plan (999) that is the mark of the beast standing on its head doing yoga and eating hot pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less. Romney is a Mormon and well....we all know they do not even drink ice tea or beer and they live in like Utah...one of the hottest places on Earth. Then there is Sarah Palin and she won't run cause her TV show is more fun to watch than Deadliest Catch, Bill Mayer and Bill O'Reilly all put together. Newt...well, Newt is a salamander with a bad hair cut who is too white and wierd. And that leaves Paul (who looks like Kervokian on a GOOD hair day) and the absolutely nutty Saturday Night Live skit actor, Rick Perry (see video here). Soooo, now I am thinking these crazy Occupy Wall Street folks protesting and peeing in city parks might have a point. America is really screwed up. 
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