Don't let them fool you. Obama has been the GREATEST President EVER!
by TellurideFreePress
 Telluride Free Press
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Telluride residents are getting ready to proclaim their undying love for the amazing and honest President Obama once again. They will quickly tell you about obscure unproven accusations about GW and ignore the additional wars and crimes commited by the Obama administration. 

The most mind boggling thing is that the Telluride lemmings will wake up on election day, snort a line of coke, stumble down to the voting booth and check every box that has a D next to it cause everyone knows that Democrats are the peace party and they are the only ones that can keep us from a serious economic depression.

Now let me ask you? Who is the failure? Obama or the fools that voted for him only because he shared the hate felt for the other side. Now, although they can't stand the arrorgant failure, they will hand over hard earned money and campaign for him. Why? Stupidity and hate. You get what you pay for folks.

Now the worse part. If it ain't the failure Obama in the White House, we will get just another lying politician, only it will be a Republican.  

Two videos from my favorite Angel Producer.

Soul Shine

Revolution Whispers

This is not about the genuine convictions of the left or the right. It is about unbelievably stupid people voting over and over for a political party instead of solutions and progress. How stupid do you have to be?  Look to Telluride or Boulder or any partisan Republican stronghold. Idiots abound.



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