Have the Polls Really Turned on Obama?
by Jarvis_and_Cagin
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By Gus Jarvis

(Four Days Until Convention)

TELLURIDE – Has John McCain’s never-ending bashing of Barack Obama worked? Really? The pasty, old, waxy-looking Republican candidate has not shared any leadership ideas with the nation lately, just Obama bashing. And if today’s headlines read true, it is working.

According to a Reuters/Zogby poll released today, McCain has taken a five point lead against Obama, 46 percent to 41 percent. It’s McCain’s first lead in that monthly poll since the race began. Those of us who have been following the daily poll headlines have been enjoying the lead Obama has had over McCain since the two grabbed their respective party’s nominations. But now, with four days left until the start of the DNC in Denver, Obama finds himself trailing, in this one poll, at least. (Others show Obama’s lead as holding steady.)

As this election year began to steamroll ahead while the country continues to go down the path of the worst Republican leadership since Richard Nixon (or maybe worse?), I thought that this year’s efforts to get a Democrat into the White House was an absolute shoo-in. No sweat, I thought.

How can the good people of this nation let another greedy Republican win another election? It simply won’t happen, was my answer. It can’t.

Well, today’s polling news has me worried. Is it really this close? How can it be that close? Are people really that wretched to vote for McCain? Well, some of the national pollsters are saying that the good people of this country want a president who will be a good manager of our country’s economy. Nearly half of voters said that the economy their top concern and recent polls are now reflecting that McCain is the better manager of our economy.

I am no economist and I tend to look the bigger picture, but I have news for you. You can’t manage and economy if the economy is already broke…and this is something John McCain has no experience with.

Sure, he may be able to manage the equity of his 10 houses or the large sum of money his wife brings in every day, but can he manage a country that is broke? And if he can manage an economy so well, why is the country currently broke? You would think he could give some of his sound advice to his Texas buddy who is currently steering this economy down and into the pits of hell.

So what is it about Obama that has me so enthused to vote for him on Nov. 4? For one, it has been eight long years of eternity that our president and vice president have done nothing more than look out for large corporations and their ever-growing tax breaks. At least by voting for Obama, there is a chance that he may not do it. I know what McCain will do. He has been a leader too long, doing too many things that fistfuls of dollars have told him to do.

By the way, did anyone see McCain’s answer to Rick Warren’s question of what “number” McCain believes is the definition of rich is? $5 million, he said. Really, that answer alone showed me that he is so out of tune with the citizens of this country. I wonder what his definition of poor is? $100,000? $50,000? Give me a break people, this is the guy that wants to manage our economy! He doesn’t even know what a working family makes in a year. This the kind of leader these polls have suddenly said is leading the race for the White house? Shit. We are doomed.

The big question about possible vice presidential candidates, especially Obama’s, is soon to be answered. A secret source told an AP reporter earlier today that Obama will be campaigning with his VP selection on Saturday in Springfield, Ill. The experts are telling us all that possibilities remain Delaware Sen. Joe Biden, Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, and Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. My take? At this point I don’t care who they are or really what they stand for…they must, however, springboard Obama into the White House and find a way to win.

Me being a sporting type of guy, when I am clueless as to who I think will win, I head strait to the Vegas sports book for answers. According to one bookie, Biden has 13/5 odds, Sebelius has 6/4 odds, Bayh and Kaine are both set at 6/1 odds. Hillary is still in the game with 9/1 odds and Ron Paul isn’t in the game but has odds set at 419/1.

Many people, including myself, would like to see General Wesley Clark be the next Democratic Vice President. He sits at 12/1 odds in Vegas. But who knows at this point who Obama will select? Maybe he has a magic rabbit in his hat and will surprise us all.

If I had to gamble my life’s savings, which isn’t much, I would have to go with Kaine – only because he seems to fit the Obama campaign’s “time for a change” profile so well. Unfortunately, if Kaine is ultimately selected, he will be more fodder for the Republicans and their inexperience talk express.

Regardless, I hope, whoever is selected in the next few days or hours will be working on getting this nation together at next week’s convention. Hopes, dreams and good money are all riding on this selection at this point. Everybody now knows that the Democrats aren’t going to run away with this election and the VP candidate will be the next step in proving to the country that victory is not only possible, but a guarantee this November.

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Uncle D
August 25, 2008
I am sure that not all of the polish people have given up on Obama.
August 21, 2008
Righto!!! Righto!!!
republic CAN
August 21, 2008
hills for veep and bills for first lady