The Nervous Week Ahead
by Jarvis_and_Cagin
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By Gus Jarvis

TELLURIDE – As the two candidates begin their last week of stumping in the battleground states around the nation, it goes without saying that I am jittery nervous. Not nervous because I am afraid the Sen. Barack Obama has a sizable lead right now in every national poll might somehow lose it with some last minute mistake. Or that Sen. John McCain might prove to be the better man in the next seven days – he can’t. No, what I am afraid of is the Republican Party’s desperate attempt to keep White House control and they will stop at nothing to get it – legally or illegally.

The feeling that everything is in order for an Obama victory is strong. In the past few months, he has been the leader we need. Cool, calm and calculating and very understandable. When the man speaks, I understand. He has proven, over and over, that he is the best leader for our fledgling country.

McCain, on the other hand, has been losing. Losing his cool, losing his sense of leadership and losing the race. He has been on the attack 90 percent of the time because he is behind and badly losing. We know what McCain thinks of Obama, but he has left all wondering if he will act as erratic as he has recently if he were to win. He has lost but his party has not lost…yet. And that is why I am worried.

According to on Monday, Oct. 27, is holding the lead of five plus points in 23 states containing 286 electoral votes. That’s 16 more than he needs to clinch the Electoral Collage. Obama, in seven other states with 92 electoral votes, is holding smaller leads. In any democratic country but our own, this game would be over. Finished. McCain has lost.

But, if history can tell us anything (2000 election), we know that this game is not yet over, no matter what side of political fence you are standing. This year’s ballot in Colorado is the longest ballot voters have had to read through since the 1920s and I have heard that there is a handful of other states that are similar. For those who have voted early or chose to mail their ballots in, the decision is a smart one because the lines on Tuesday are going to be long.

With the long lines and the mayhem that could ensue, I can already hear the losing Republican Right on Tuesday afternoon blowing the whistle because “some” people weren’t able to vote. There will be some sort of inaccuracy allegation. Something will come from under their sleeve. Then the fun will begin over processes and who is actually going to be elected. It will be Republican shenanigans at its best.

If that were to happen, which is why I am nervous, we may not have a decided winner by Christmas. (That is certainly what this economy needs, that is for sure.) This is how bad the Republicans want to win. It’s a cheaters paradise and we already know they can win in anyway but the right way. If the Republicans find a way to the presidency after losing, again, democracy for America is over. Over for the second time.

If, for some reason, McCain wins, it will be a great, great reflection of what this country is and stands for. All of this hope and momentum to change the status of our country in the world will be set back. We will stand for stupidity. For poor decisions. For a constant trend to ignore the lessons of the past. For bigotry in some instances. My, what a day it will be for this country if John McCain wins next week.

Certainly the most sickening and scary thing I have learned during the past two years is that racism, no matter how enlightened we think this country has become, is alive well on main street USA. Racism and ignorance breed racism and ignorance. YouTube has captured my computer screen lately and some of the things I have heard are simply unbearable like the two elementary school girls in Denver acting like monkeys in protest to Sen. Obama. Their parents just smiled and laughed. Or will we ever forget the lady during the John McCain rally who said she was scared because Obama “is and Arab” because of his middle name.

I guess I have always known that racism is alive, but I have never seen it peak like I have recently.

Colon Powell put it best last weekend on NBC’s Meet the Press when he said Obama was not Muslim. But so what if he was? This country was once founded by people who were seeking religious freedom. Have we changed so much since then? Is this not the country or fathers and their fathers before them have fought for? These are all questions Americans need to be asking themselves. This country, all presidential politics aside, is at a crossroads right now – a more defined crossroads than what the 1960s were. That may be why I have been so nervous lately. We need a new type of leadership and we need it now. For the good of the country and the world.

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