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 Colorado Political Lip Service
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As the Huffington Post reports, a new poll released today shows that in Colorado's United States Senate race Romanoff has picked up 5% against Jane Norton and Bennet has lost 2%.  Bennet now trails Norton by 14% while Romanoff has closed to be within 7% - the momentum is all on Andrew's side. (Rasmussen Poll)


It is sort of a Massachusetts moment.  Andrew's message of working for people and not wealthy special interests is exactly what is needed to win this election in November.  It is also what a country sick of Washington's catering to corporate power, wants.  

Last night Andrew hit a home run speaking to the Denver Dems.  In the words of the Cherry Creek News:  

"If it were up to the party regulars in Denver, Andrew Romanoff would be the next United States Senator from Colorado. In a rousing seven minute speech before the party's workers, he struck a tone of populist outrage and everyman concern that earned him a standing ovation."  See entire article.



Andrew also asked the members of the Denver Central Committee for help.  "It takes a lot of little money to get big money out of politics."



Please contribute today and ask your friends and family to help as well.  

A candidate alone can not make Washington start working for ordinary people instead of insurance, oil companies and banks.  But together, we can make this happen.  

We can't sit this one out.  There is too much at stake.  Our jobs, our health, our planet.  This is a moment where the entire Washington, you-come-to-my-fundraiser-and-I-will-vote-for-your-bill establishment, is at a tipping point.  We can be the ones to push it over.




Ken Gordon


P.S. Don't forget to visit to make your contribution or sign up to volunteer today.


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