We Deserve Answers - Not Silence
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Previous blog posting was deleted by the Watch editor as allowed by TOS. This is a new post reworked to avoid complaints.

There are only two reasons to keep silent on the actions of the Telluride Marshal's Department in regards to the suspicous deaths of Blair Richardson and Harry Force:

1) A Grand Jury is in session.

2) They are hiding the truth.

Within two months of the release of the controversial book on Telluride "Exodus of Angels - The Murder of Harry Force", two of the TMO's "finest" have quit. One announced his retirement and one resigned abruptly  after 18 years.  Both were involved in the situations mentioned in the book.  Still, no questions are being answered. Why?

How hard is it to be honest? 

Requests for help by the friends and  family of Blair and Harry have been ignored. Not even a response. As Kimberley (Blairs mother) asked me, "How would they feel if it was their child (or father in Harry's case)?"  The answer: They just don't care.

We have a right to know the truth. The newspapers have a duty to ask questions. Whether or not Telluride likes it, this controversy will only grow bigger until the Mayor, Chief of Police, Assistant District Attorney, AG John Suthers and Mountain Village police investigator begin to answer the questions that are being asked. So, to all the businesses that have begged me and our Facebook group, Citizens for Justice to not run full page ads in Denver, Pueblo and Durango as were announced on the now deleted blog posting, all I can say is "sorry". Do not blame the grieving families or even me for that matter. The refusal of our elected officials to represent and protect  ALL citizens is the engine that will bring shame to Telluride throughout the state of Colorado.

You would think that at least one of the two newspapers in Telluride would investigate the two deaths and the actions of  our elected officials to hide the truth but hey...this is Telluride. (added note: thankyou Watch for allowing this dialogue).

Read why the resignations may be happening in "Exodus of Angels - The Murder of Harry Force" now available on Amazon or just Google : Murder of Harry Force

Stay in touch - http://www.facebook.com/ExodusofAngels

Video Excerpts Available at - http://www.youtube.com/ExodusofAngels

Introduction and Soundtrack Available at - http://skimall.net/ExodusofAngels.html

A more in depth look into local law enforcement and the circumstances surrounding Blair's death; as well as other "curious" situations involving our local justice system will be available this Autumn in "Exodus of Angels - Feast of Transgressions".


 P.S. It is also available at Between the Covers Book Store in Telluride.


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May 23, 2011
ok, al, I will buy the book and give it a go...

see what the me said...etc.

but, you know, smoking cigarettes gives you lung cancer, hanging out in bars drinking all day and night makes you weak physically, no exercise, the same..

I never met the man Harry Force, have never been to his Obannon's either but any possibility that he finished up all beat up from living a hard life? My dad lived like Harry and he ended up all torn to hell..and no one ever touched him..

Shalom to you, too. Thanks for always posting with such great thought (even if I cant see your point of view).

May 23, 2011
It is reasonable that others won't believe something they have not walked. It is good to question what is true. Choice is a gift. If someone is walking this reality and it is happening, then they must choose if they will stand and fight for the truth, or they will walk away. It is not within some people to just walk away because they have a deep desire to allow the truth to breath and it may be that they want to make certain it is not allowed to hurt others, thus expose and remove it.It is not about pointing fingers or wishing negative in someones life...it is about honoring life. If everyone takes a side before they know the facts, how does that create a place of peace? If what is hurting people or devastating lives is addressed with wisdom, then there is still hope for a place of love. The most powerful moments are created with choice. Wisdom needs to breath in the moment of choice as well as deep understanding. None of us are perfect...that is where we all can stand to begin the quest for truth. Supporting the quest is a courageous choice knowing not everyone will support the quest or want to know the truth....sometimes the truth is not so beautiful. The death certificate on one of them said 'suicide'. The facts do not say that. There is much more to the story than this incident and many more lives that have been rocked by the wake of injustice and seemingly cruel choices. Just allow the story and upcoming story the opportunity to reveal the truths needed in the equation, then choose what you believe or what resonates as truth inside...then walk as you desire to....change it or leave it as is.
May 23, 2011
I understand RFP. The documents (ME report, etc.) and explanations have been available since St. Patricks Day in the book. As much as we want Telluride to be a wonderful place there are dark and disturbing things going on. I would suggest holding your opinion until you see and read the accounts of Harry Force's "death".

May 23, 2011

This is too much to stomach.

I find it hard to believe that anyone was murdered in Telluride and even harder to believe that any sworn officer would not do their dambdest to find the murderer.

The marshall's office is, in my opinion, capable of many things. Incompetence,yes. Misdirected priorities, yes. Aid and abet a murderer; no effing way. Not a chance. Same with look the other way on a drug deal...as much as I bring up the taco cocaine cart I harbor no belief that any sworn officer would turn a blind eye or worse.

And I am no fan of the fellow who recently retired but in my humble opinion this is an upright man who would never be involved in any of the sorts of allegations named above. He looked after many a domestic violence victim with a good heart and was affable on the street...but he wouldn't turn in his badge if there was a murder amongst us; he would double down and help solve the thing. Any decent human being would pitch in and help. This is an upright guy and I certainly don't think he would retire if there was a murderer amongst us. Nope NFW.

This is why I get so upset when we don't solve the problems like who sold the heroin to Brian J...I expected that every stone would be turned to figure out what kind of creep would import this crap to our small town.

Besides, did the death certificate call the deaths murder or natural causes.

Too much to stomach...I don't believe a word of these slights.

May 23, 2011
“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

Frederick Douglass

thanks Kimberley for this post on my Facebook page.