Your Charity is Needed at Home
by kcampese
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The current economy is very hard on everyone, including local food banks and homeless shelters. Those charities are receiving a lot less donations, yet the request for their services has gone up significantly. Often, those they are serving are the very same ones who once supported them. You can help them by becoming a volunteer, donating some money or food, or you can donate car  you do not need.  

Many charities will only accept your car donation if it is less than 10 years old, is in good shape and runs. Cars4Charities is not like the rest. They will very gladly take your car in virtually any condition as long as you have the title, have not stripped parts from it, have the tires inflated, and have the car located where the tow truck can get to it. They will also pickup your car donation for free.

Cars4Charities is recognized by the IRS as a charity themselves, so you can be confident your car donation will be handled properly. When you donate your car, you will receive a tax deduction of $500 or what Cars4Charities sells your car donation for whichever amount is more. They will also make sure you have all the paperwork you will need in order to claim your valuable tax deduction.

You can also donate car any time online 24/7 through the Cars4Charities website, This option greatly reduces their expenses allowing them to give more money to the charity you choose. It also lowers the use of paper and other consumables making it better for our environment.

When you are ready to donate car, please contact Cars4Charities at their website, or by calling them toll free at 1-866-448-3487.

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