No. 7 Story of 2013: Montrose Honored With All-America City Award
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For residents and organizers in Montrose, the prospect of being awarded an All-America City – and bringing it to fruition  make it The Watch’s No. 7 story of 2013.
No. 8 Story of 2013: Sugary Drink Tax Sparks Debate, Loses in November Election
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National beverage lobbying organizations descended on Telluride to fight a proposed sugary drinks tax voted down in the November election and was The Watch's No. 8 story of 2013.
No. 9 Story of 2013: Proposed Gravel Pit Debated, Then Denied
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The large gravel pit, proposed by Rocky Mountain Aggregate and Construction, the opposition it faced and the ultimate denial of its special use permit by the Montrose Commissioners, is The Watch’s ...
Story No. 10 of 2013: Fate of Dutch the Dog Goes Viral
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The fate of Dutch, a 107-pound American Allaunt canine sentenced to death for a vicious attack on a Montrose woman multiple times last year, went viral in 2013 and is The Watch's No. 10 story of th...
Local Dentist Extracts His Own Tooth
by William Woody
Dec 31, 2013 | 1 1 comments | 48 48 recommendations | email to a friend
Daniel Hatch hopes his video of the procedure will help ease others' fears of dental work. (Read story for link to video.)
Telluride Teamwork
by Jesse James McTigue
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Pete Wagner and Kelli Gleason create everybody’s perfect ski.
Retail Pot Sales Begin in Telluride on New Year's Day
by Samuel Adams
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Shop owners say they are ready for what could be big business on day one.
Ridgway Family Gives Rescued Pit Bull a Second Chance
by Samantha Wright
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Found days away from starving to death on a road in rural Alabama, Chance the pit bull has now come to a new home in Ridgway, thanks to generosity, serendipity and a lot of animal love.
Use of Drones for Hunting Purposes Set to Be Banned
by Gus Jarvis
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Parks and Wildlife officials say the use of drones isn’t hunting and isn’t fair chase.
Teaching New Generation of Could-Be Business Owners
by Samuel Adams
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Telluride High School’s venture capital class offers students the opportunity to examine, research and critique real-world proposals for venture capital.
Egnar Man Killed While Hunting Coyotes With Friends
by William Woody
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San Miguel County Sheriff Masters: 'All indications are that this is a tragic accidental shooting.'
GUEST COMMENTARY | A Guide to Long Hair Maintenance at Altitude
by Bracken Raleigh
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Bracken Raleigh on hair, which is “the presentation of your energy to all; it expresses your strengths and weaknesses, attitude, fears and joys.”
TEX Receives Improved Weather Forecast Service
by Samuel Adams
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The Telluride Regional Airport has begun to receive detailed and routine weather forecasts from the National Weather Service specific to a five-mile radius of its runway.
Homebound Seniors in Desperate Need of Meal Delivery, City Councilor Says
by William Woody
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There is very little that separating dozens of hungry Montrose seniors from the hot home meals they deserve, said Golden Circle Seniors Committee Membe
Esperanza Reyes Pursues an Immigrant’s Dream in Telluride
by Samuel Adams
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Esperanca Reyes, the 34-year-old manager of Tequilas on Telluride’s Main Street, is accustomed to this level of multitasking and hard work.Slug: Esperanza Reyes
New County Attorney Excited to Be Part of the Team
by Gus Jarvis
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Teresa Williams most recently served as city attorney for Lee’s Summit, Missouri.
Angel Baskets: Offering Helping Hands, Year-Round
by Samuel Adams
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Every holiday season, hundreds of individuals and families in San Miguel, Montrose and Dolores counties lack sufficient resources to afford Christmas gifts, school supplies – even prescription copays.
Ridgway Council Puts Some ‘Skin in the Game’ Toward RAMP Project
by Samantha Wright
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The Ridgway Town Council has committed to a strategy to pay off its debt burden for the RAMP project twice as quickly, ultimately exposing Ridgway property owners to a dramatically lower tax burden.
Jane Miller Fake Dies on Solstice
by Watch Staff
Dec 24, 2013 | 1 1 comments | 200 200 recommendations | email to a friend
Longtime Telluride resident Jane Miller Fake at her Placerville home on Sunday, Dec. 22, at 2:50 a.m.
Greg Pack Takes the Reins at Telski
by Seth Cagin
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On the same page with owner Chuck Horning, the new Telski president says his priorities this year are to improve the employee experience and the guest experience.