ONE STEP AHEAD OF THE BLUES | Assembling the ‘Scra...
by Geoff Hanson
11:46 AM, Friday, April 18
Geoff Hanson writes about the making of the soundtrack of his 1996 film, ‘Scrapple,’ and reminisces about his early days with Taj Majal.

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RAISING ELLE | Everything Is Waiting for Me, Patiently
I can continue stacking up blocks of my divided time, but I must find balance. Working is necessary and it’s fulfilli...
12:55 PM, Thursday, June 06
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VIEW TO THE WEST | The Dogs Of Nucla
Twenty-one years ago, Nucla tried to bust out of its economic doldrums with a competitive prairie dog shoot.
12:00 PM, Sunday, June 02
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UP BEAR CREEK | A Wedding in Port Townsend
Pre-wedding porter testing with the Rosenthals...
11:57 AM, Sunday, June 02
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SPORTS WATCH | With Its Roy Hire, the Avalanche Are Releva...
With the hiring of Patrick Roy as head coach, I think I’ll jump on that bandwagon right now.
11:54 AM, Sunday, June 02
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UP BEAR CREEK | Mountainfilm Brings the Right Stuff to Tel...
A hearty “Excelsior!” to all filmgoers, as I will miss this year’s festivities.
03:00 AM, Sunday, May 26
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SPORTS WATCH | Instant Replay in Baseball Is the Beginning...
I say let’s learn from all those Terminator movies we have been forced to sit through all these years and keep instan...
03:00 AM, Saturday, May 25
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VIEW TO THE WEST | In the Beginning . . .
As Mountainfilm in Telluride celebrates its 35th anniversary, the author recalls moments from the early years.
03:00 AM, Thursday, May 23
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GREEN LIGHT | Slow Money as a Climate Solution
The return on investment on Slow Money transactions are low in terms of actual money, but high in social returns.
05:18 PM, Wednesday, May 22
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GUEST COMMENTARY | A Magical Film Bound for Glory
Although Big Easy definitely has its soft moments and songs, its energy and excitement are at the heart of Mountainfi...
03:00 AM, Monday, May 20
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UP BEAR CREEK | Springtime in the Rockies
It’s mud season but it doesn’t mean things are slow. Thoughts on water, cannabis, a supposed war against the West End...
03:00 AM, Sunday, May 19
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VIEW TO THE WEST | The Grand Old Game
Montrose hosted round one of the state baseball tournament and came through with two wins to advance to the quarterfi...
11:01 AM, Thursday, May 16
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LIFE LESSONS | Learn to Truly Forgive and Be Free
Finding a place of forgiveness can free yourself while attracting positive energy and there are steps you can take to...
03:00 AM, Thursday, May 16
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Busy Season at Capitol Was Good for Sou...
Colorado can be proud to be on the cutting edge of many issues that were debated in the legislature this year.
04:51 PM, Wednesday, May 15
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UP BEAR CREEK | Telluride Sinks Joint RTA
Fear of future gondola financing has led the town council members to bury their heads in the sand. It’s a shame.
03:00 AM, Monday, May 13
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SPORTS WATCH | George Karl Can Coach the Nuggets as Long a...
As far as I am concerned, we Denver fans should be lucky enough to have Karl come back next year to coach this team.
03:00 AM, Saturday, May 11
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