GUEST COMMENTARY | Gunnison Basin Plan Focuses on ...
by Hannah Holm Coordinator, Water Center at Colorado Mesa University
01:36 PM, Wednesday, April 16
Current efforts to develop a Colorado Water Plan have been largely driven by a large projected gap between urban water needs and developed supplies, but Gunnison Basin water planners focus on the gap between agricultural needs and developed supplies.

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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | What’s the Fight Over the Montrose Hos...
It is, after all, a deep-seated conservative belief that political interference with health care is dead wrong.
02:35 PM, Wednesday, February 12
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Notes on Another Legislative Week
I believe the federal government cannot remove, detract or diminish private property rights without just compensation.
09:36 AM, Tuesday, February 11
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RAISING ELLE | A Compelling Argument for Bilingual Education
I have a beautiful daughter with a French name and birth certificate and a much more acute appreciation for the need ...
09:25 AM, Monday, February 10
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UP BEAR CREEK | Honoring an Unsung Hero
We sometimes forget to thank folks like Gary Moore– our snowplow drivers, deputies, firefighters and emergency first ...
03:00 AM, Saturday, February 08
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SPORTS WATCH | Fox ‘Angervision’ Caused Denver’s Super Bow...
It was awkward to go from the pregame conversation to questions about Benghazi then back to the field for more pregam...
09:44 AM, Thursday, February 06
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UP BEAR CREEK | Paonia Poets come for Talking Gourds
Kudos to the Rico Hotel for providing cannabis-friendly rooms.
11:28 AM, Sunday, February 02
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SPORTS WATCH | Could Marijuana Come to the N.F.L.’s Rescue?
Is it just a coincidence that both football teams playing in the Super Bowl hail come from towns that have legalized ...
10:29 AM, Thursday, January 30
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UP BEAR CREEK | In Memory of Frick Burden
Purchases of All-Faith Bracelets made by Tibetan refugees in Dharmasala will be split between the Tibetans who made t...
09:13 AM, Monday, January 27
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SPORTS WATCH | Broncos-Seahawks Super Bowl Going to Be Ugl...
Make no mistake about it, this Super Bowl is going to be nasty and it's the Denver Broncos who will be leading the ch...
10:27 AM, Thursday, January 23
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GUEST COMMENTARY | More Victims Asking for Help is Good News!
The San Miguel Resource Center experienced a record-breaking year in 2013, serving more victims of domestic violence ...
01:34 PM, Wednesday, January 22
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UP BEAR CREEK | Keeping an Eye on the Feds
The Federal Government is changing its rules on flood insurance.
09:12 AM, Sunday, January 19
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SPORTS WATCH | Kiffin Hire Marks Beginning of End for Crim...
The Kiffin experiment failed in U.S.C. and I believe it’s going to fail at Alabama, even if it is under the auspices ...
10:59 AM, Thursday, January 16
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REPORT FROM CAPITOL HILL | It’s Time to Take the Wildfire ...
No matter the upheavals and distractions, we must focus on the threat, no, make that the promise, of continued catast...
06:47 AM, Wednesday, January 15
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UP BEAR CREEK | Hot Pot. Sage Feds? And Some Bon Mots.
Thoughts on pot spoofs, the first day of marijuana sales and hyphens.
11:12 AM, Monday, January 13
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SPORTS WATCH | Nuggets’ Experiment With Coach Shaw Isn’t W...
Denver was an up-and-coming team just one season ago. Now, it seems like a team in need of rebuilding from the ground...
01:18 PM, Sunday, January 12
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