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UP BEAR CREEK | A Look at the Fruita Model of Combined Lib...
Drove past the Paonia Reservoir other day and was shocked at how dry it was.
10:41 AM, Thursday, April 10
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RAISING ELLE | Simple Tasks at My Father’s Bed and Breakfast
“Some of the apple should stick out just a little,” he said, treating the slippery slices with care. I rolled another...
03:00 AM, Wednesday, April 09
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GUEST COMMENTARY | A Look Back at Old-School Irrigation Ef...
Remembering a time when the efficient ongoing use of the agricultural water rights ensured that those rights would no...
03:00 AM, Tuesday, April 08
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SPORTS WATCH | The Players Play and the N.C.A.A. Makes the...
The players want their cut of the action. The education isn’t enough. I can’t say I blame the players. I would want m...
10:07 AM, Monday, April 07
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UP BEAR CREEK | Back From a Visit to the Roaring Fork
Introducing Jason Holder, a clever young top-down, bottom-up poet…
03:00 AM, Monday, April 07
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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Rules Are Rules, Except When...
Four Corners braves the conundrum of Telluride zoning rules.
10:12 AM, Thursday, April 03
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UP BEAR CREEK | April I the Start to National Poetry Month
It’s National Poetry Month; celebrate it with Jack Mueller, currently of Log Hill Village but one-time denizen of Nor...
10:04 AM, Monday, March 31
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GUEST COMMENTARY | ‘One Step Ahead of the Blues’
The message of the song is simple – the blues will follow you your whole life, and everything will be fine if you can...
10:23 AM, Friday, March 28
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RISK AVERSE | Get High, Get a DUI?
Colorado won’t judge you, nor will it take your opinion of just how great your driving abilities are when you’re stoned.
03:00 AM, Thursday, March 27
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GUEST COMMENTARY | The Positive Impact of Volunteerism
This is a two part series, provided by two AmeriCorps Vista Volunteers who have served our region over the past year.
08:00 PM, Wednesday, March 26
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UP BEAR CREEK | Karen Chamberlain Poetry Fest March 28-30
Valerie Haugen and Lon Winston’s Thunder River Theatre of Carbondale will be hosting the fourth annual Karen Chamberl...
09:37 AM, Monday, March 24
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SPORTS WATCH | March Madness: A Time to Be a Basketball Ex...
There’s nothing better than meticulously filling out a bracket and then having it, for the most part, work in your fa...
03:00 AM, Sunday, March 23
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SPORTS WATCH | Can Phil Jackson Work His Zen Magic in New ...
I could care less about the New York Knicks but I will be completely infatuated in seeing if Phil can work his magic ...
08:34 AM, Thursday, March 20
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UP BEAR CREEK | Timor Spears and Mammograms
From trans fats to mammograms, why do we still believe in “science”?
08:12 AM, Monday, March 17
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SPORTS WATCH | So Long, Champ, You Always Lived Up to Your...
I, for one, completely understand the decision but at the same time think it's a shame Bailey couldn’t play just one ...
04:25 PM, Thursday, March 13
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