SPORTS WATCH | Who Knew Roy Could Turn the Avs Aro...
by Gus Jarvis
10:21 AM, Thursday, April 17
Yes, playoff hockey is back in Colorado, and there’s plenty to look forward to here in Avalanche country as the National Hockey League playoffs get underway this week.

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Nothing Worse Than Going Into the Playoffs on a Cold Streaks
Who knew the New Orleans Saints would be sitting in the NFC drivers’ seat? With the Colts leading the AFC South, both...
11:23 AM, Thursday, December 17
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Making the Fish Wait Another Year for Long-Term Sustainabi...
As legislators wrangle with thorny water rights and in-stream flow guarantees, the flora and fauna remain in jeopardy.
11:10 AM, Thursday, December 17
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The Questions That Never Stop Lead Mom to Research Christmas
A 2-year-old’s unending streams of “why?” lead mom to research current holiday traditions on the internet.
10:55 AM, Thursday, December 17
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Build a Bank and Lean Against It
Columnist Peter Shelton has a million questions about what he calls ‘the white circus’ that has just arrived at the T...
10:25 AM, Thursday, December 17
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Let’s Support the Chief as He Tries to Un-Entangle Us From...
‘I'm giving [President Obama] a full term’s support to see what changes he can accomplish before I start succumbing t...
12:15 PM, Thursday, December 10
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Trading Co-Sleeping for a Big Girl Bed
A bit of nighttime space can make for a better parent in the morning. But first you have to let go.
05:41 PM, Wednesday, December 09
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Temporary Blindness
It’s the snow blindness, not the icy roads, which cause the real drama of winter driving.
05:22 PM, Wednesday, December 09
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Choose Ingram or Suh for 2009 Heisman Trophy Winner
‘If it comes down to Tebow or McCoy, the Heisman Trophy will be dead to me,’ warns Sports Watch columnist Gus Jarvis.
05:21 PM, Wednesday, December 09
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Yes, We Can Go It Alone on Wind, Sun and Water Without Coa...
‘If Nucla were smart, it would at least embrace solar concentrating plants and conversion of the Tri-State power plan...
12:22 PM, Thursday, December 03
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An Exclusive Report on Tiger’s Thanksgiving Wreck
News flash! Maybe the guy just doesn’t like onions. Jarvis comes up with a convincing story for Tiger Woods.
11:37 AM, Thursday, December 03
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All She Wants for Christmas Is – Nothing.
When receiving nothing for your child for Christmas just won’t do.
04:45 PM, Wednesday, December 02
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In Aspen, Snow Played the Villain
‘Vonntourage’ or not, World Cup skier Lindsey Vonn could not conquer Aspen’s brutally hard race course last weekend, ...
04:42 PM, Wednesday, December 02
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It’s Time Already to Get Rid of NFL’s Overtime Coin Toss Rule
The NFL should change the overtime coin toss rule before a Super Bowl game is determined by the practice.
05:40 PM, Tuesday, November 24
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Ligers and Wholphins and Sharks, Oh My!
Short films that set the audience free.
03:29 PM, Tuesday, November 24
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Maybe Not Local, but Locally Owned
Medical marijuana…‘What was it about the 60s that made it son intense?’…The high cost (roughly $120 million) of tropi...
02:33 PM, Wednesday, November 18
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