SPORTS WATCH | Who Knew Roy Could Turn the Avs Aro...
by Gus Jarvis
10:21 AM, Thursday, April 17
Yes, playoff hockey is back in Colorado, and there’s plenty to look forward to here in Avalanche country as the National Hockey League playoffs get underway this week.

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UP BEAR CREEK | Hot Pot. Sage Feds? And Some Bon Mots.
Thoughts on pot spoofs, the first day of marijuana sales and hyphens.
11:12 AM, Monday, January 13
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SPORTS WATCH | Nuggets’ Experiment With Coach Shaw Isn’t W...
Denver was an up-and-coming team just one season ago. Now, it seems like a team in need of rebuilding from the ground...
01:18 PM, Sunday, January 12
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RAISING ELLE | ‘Love Truth, but Pardon Error’
‘I peered again at the slushy concoction Elle and her best friend had just created in our backyard, while they had be...
09:38 AM, Thursday, January 09
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GUEST COMMENTARY | State of Telluride Address
Telluride is continuing to move in a positive direction.
02:43 PM, Tuesday, January 07
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GUEST COMMENTARY | SMPA to Hold Rates Steady in 2014
SMPA is absorbing those costs in order to keep our members' rates steady.
11:59 AM, Monday, January 06
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UP BEAR CREEK | Fine-tuning a New World Calendar
Forget 2014. My new calendar date for this year is 15014 NW (New World calendar).
10:24 AM, Thursday, January 02
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Background on Ouray’s Home Rule Charter
Mayor Pam Larson answers questions regarding the Home Rule Charter.
04:42 PM, Monday, December 30
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UP BEAR CREEK | Some Benefited From Federal Shutdown
From what we heard in the media, the government shutdown was the bane of the tourist industry. Collectively, millions...
08:54 AM, Sunday, December 29
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SPORTS WATCH | Colorado’s College Football Favorite: CU Ou...
Could the Colorado State University Rams become Colorado’s college football team? If the Rams continue in the directi...
07:21 AM, Thursday, December 26
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GUEST COMMENTARY | How Do You Say Goodbye?
This guest commentary was written in 2010, during Irene Visintin's next-to-last visit to her lifelong home, by her ne...
08:17 AM, Tuesday, December 24
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UP BEAR CREEK | Naming Our Peaks
You gotta love Jeff Burch’s new self-published soft-cover coffee-table gem, The Peaks of Telluride (available at Betw...
09:22 AM, Sunday, December 22
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SPORTS WATCH | Make No Mistake, Mike Shanahan Can Still Coach
I still believe Shanahan is one of the best offensive coaching minds in the N.F.L. At the same time, he seems spitefu...
08:46 AM, Thursday, December 19
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REPORT FROM CAPITOL HILL | Lessons From Gettysburg
Given Colorado’s recent turmoil over several very contentious issues I continue to consider what lessons I might take...
03:00 AM, Wednesday, December 18
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UP BEAR CREEK | Elaine Fischer Is Held in Our Hearts
We hold Elaine Fischer in our hearts as she battles a challenging illness.
09:31 AM, Monday, December 16
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SPORTS WATCH | Please, Say Peyton Can’t Win in the Cold Again
We are at a point in the season where if the Broncos are in a cold game, it almost invites Peyton to silence his crit...
11:36 AM, Thursday, December 12
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