SPORTS WATCH | Who Knew Roy Could Turn the Avs Aro...
by Gus Jarvis
10:21 AM, Thursday, April 17
Yes, playoff hockey is back in Colorado, and there’s plenty to look forward to here in Avalanche country as the National Hockey League playoffs get underway this week.

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Getting in Touch With a Unique Study
Come join us for the Talking Gourds Poetry Club at Arroyo Telluride at 6 p.m. this first Tuesday in November (Nov. 5)...
01:05 PM, Thursday, October 31
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GUEST COMMENTARY | There's a Ghost in Town Named Charlie
Kick the Can Telluride has found itself wading through an eerie Halloween fog.
02:24 PM, Tuesday, October 29
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SPORTS WATCH I Still Can’t Understand the George Karl Firing
I’m still not over the George Karl firing and it still doesn’t make sense to me.
03:41 PM, Monday, October 28
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Why Proposition 2D Can’t Fail
TMC is currently located in such an old building (500 W. Pacific Ave.) that our property and casualty insurance carri...
11:48 AM, Thursday, October 24
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GUEST COMMENTARY | The War on Sugar: ‘Yes’ on 2A’
‘Sugary beverages contribute more to the problem than donuts or chocolate croissants. They screw up a body physiologi...
11:43 AM, Thursday, October 24
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Reasons to Vote ‘No’ on ‘Soda Tax’
‘Country Time Lemonade at Village Market … costs $4.29 but the sugar tax alone will be $2.56, because the tax is calc...
11:40 AM, Thursday, October 24
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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | A Chance to Resolve 20 Years Of Pearl ...
Since 1993, the Pearl Property has been a political football in Telluride
11:12 AM, Thursday, October 24
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WORLDVIEW | JP Morgan Stays True to Form
Same as it ever was: During the Gilded Age, J.P. Morgan cornered U.S. financial markets, gained monopoly ownership of...
11:09 AM, Thursday, October 24
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UP BEAR CREEK | Courtney White to Speak Tues., Oct. 28
11:03 AM, Thursday, October 24
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Explaining the Affordable Health Care Act
Love it or hate it, the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is now the law of the land.
08:17 AM, Saturday, October 19
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SPORTS WATCH | N.F.L. Continues to Expand Its Money-Making...
From more games in London to mandatory “Hard Knocks” the N.F.L. keeps giving us what we want, whether we know it or not.
08:11 AM, Saturday, October 19
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UP BEAR CREEK | Sheep Mtn. Alliance Turns 25
SMA turns 25 – although, ironically, Sheep Mountain isn’t in San Miguel County, or even the San Miguel River watershed.
08:02 AM, Saturday, October 19
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WORLD VIEW | The Plot Against Pensions
As state legislatures prepare for their upcoming sessions, you will no doubt hear a lot about public pensions. As the...
12:56 AM, Saturday, October 19
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GUEST COMMENTARY | Vote Yes on 2D for the Telluride Medica...
For years, the Telluride Medical Center has been searching for a permanent home.
03:00 AM, Tuesday, October 15
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LOCAL PERSPECTIVE | Should Local Voters Try to Regulate Fu...
Society has the right to regulate dangerous substances. But do sugar and carbon qualify? And can it be done locally?
08:22 AM, Saturday, October 12
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