Senate-Wick Condominiums ‘Arrogant and Far Out of Scale’

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During the March 19 HARC meeting, a proposal was presented to build a gigantic addition to the Senate-Wick Building Condominiums. This project is located on the 100 block of East Pacific, directly behind the cribs. The building will tower over the cribs and ruin the historic neighborhood.

No story poles or scale model have been provided so that the magnitude of this misjudgment can be more easily seen.

The project includes eight bedrooms and eliminates an existing parking place in an overly congested area.

Town design guidelines are being completely ignored. View to the north from the cribs are eliminated. Open space on the site is no longer provided. Mass and scale guidelines are being disregarded in relation to designated historic structures (the cribs). Guideline WC-28 reads in part: Minimize contrasts in scale of new development on adjacent parcels and blocks with buildings in the cribs block. The architect (Tommy Hein) simply threw this one out the (additional third story) window.

I encourage those interested in preserving the historic district to view these proposals at Rebekah Hall and comment on them to the architect (970/728-1220), Bob Mather, the town’s Historic Preservation Architect (970/728-3078) and members of HARC.

The project is arrogant and far out of scale. It disrespects the neighbors and Telluride’s Historic District status.

The next meeting is Wednesday, April 23.


- Tricia Clark

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