Thank You, PEP Grant!


On behalf of the Wilkinson Public Library, I would like to thank Elisa Marie Overall (Emo) and all of the lovely people at the Telluride Med Center who work with the PEP Grant  (Physical Education Program) for providing the library with so many wonderful resources to keep our community active and healthy. They gave us funding to purchase the snowshoes we had for checkout this winter, which were very well received by the community. In addition, they bought us fishing rods and poles that we will be using in our Teen Outdoor Club this spring and summer. These will also be available for checkout in the future. The Teen Outdoor Club happens every Thursday after school, and includes a number of outdoor activities sponsored by the PEP Grant; Basketball, tag football, soccer, dodge ball, frisbee golf, bocce ball, badminton, etc. PEP has also provided the library with an assortment of kitchen supplies and cooking equipment over the years. This has allowed us to host weekly, after-school cooking programs (Kids on Mondays and Teens on Wednesdays) that help teach Telluride youth about the importance of making better food choices. The PEP Grant has enabled the Wilkinson Public Library to host numerous educational programs that we would have otherwise not been able to.  Emo was always very generous when we had any kind of request. She has made a serious difference in encouraging the kids in Telluride to lead healthier lifestyles. Thank you PEP Grant!

– Jill Wilson, Public Services Coordinator, Wilkinson Public Library

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