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WEST END BIKE ALLIANCE … Mountain Bikers, street bikers, fat tires, slim jims – everyone interested in bicycling is encouraged to attend an organizing meeting to form a new bike advocacy nonprofit on behalf of the West Ends of San Miguel and Montrose County. Veteran backcountry peddler Paul Koski of Nucla and Norwood Chamber of Commerce president Rebecca Rogers of Norwood (along with others) have been working to set up this new group and they’ve called for a first meeting on Tuesday, May 13, at 6:30 p.m. at San Miguel County’s Gordon Glockson building, across from the Basin Fairgrounds in Norwood. It’s expected that officers will be elected, a nonprofit umbrella chosen, and even some possible projects discussed … For more info, contact Rebecca at 327-0222.

SOUTHWEST COLO GREENS … I love the Cortez chapter of the Colorado State Green Party. They continue to put on events, meet monthly, and carry the green torch in a county that just recently banned the introduction of non-native endangered or threatened species on public lands in their section of the state, with fines as high as $1,000 per incident … In Montezuma County even Democrats appear to be an endangered species … Anyhoo, I got invited last weekend to emcee a lovely sunny spring afternoon of music and politics (more of the former but punctuated by the latter). I couldn’t help speaking on San Miguel County’s recent Ute Apology resolution, Tomo solicited signatures for an initiative petition to require labeling of GMOs in foods in Colorado, and Lyn Patrick spoke about the dangers of fracking … I really enjoyed the three local bands that played.

PORCHLIGHTS … Wild Billy Kneebone and Deb Hilton traded guitar licks and vocals with original songs like Big Sweet Tooth and Yo Yo Land … Deb hails from Flagstaff, and Billy signature guitar stylings have been a 20-year feature of the Four Corners music scene. They have two CDs out right now, Porchlights Live at the Spirit Room and an Album Preview. I bought both.

LITTLE BROTHER … That’s the name that Kevin Fraser and Isaac Kimbrough use when they play duo, although when they team up with a third member, they call that band, Wake Up Laughing … Whatever you call them, Isaac (a graduate of the Southwest Open School) played a mean drum kit and Kevin wailed on guitar and vocals. Guest musician Mary Hess played bass for their Cortez gig. Their rock and roll got us bopping in our seats.

BIG MONEY AND THE CORPORATE CITIZENS … Their drummer, Peter O, is an attorney for the Ute Mountain Tribe, their lead singer Bob Dunn connects the political dots, their bass guitarist Rich Talbot is a really cool looking dude, and lead guitar Mat Robinson is a complete mad man, dancing all over the place, laying down some mean riffs. Flautist Linda Baker didn’t make it to Cortez, but she appears on their CD, We the People … If you want a dose of left-leaning lyrics soaring through the amps that make you get up and dance, this is the band for you.

OSCAR ROMERO … Archbishop Romero was assassinated while saying mass at his Salvador City cathedral on March 24, 1980. He was a holy man who worked for the poor and spoke out against the murder of peasants by the Salvadoran military … That he has not been canonized, and the scandal-tainted Pope John Paul II has, is yet another sign that the Roman Catholic church stands less for the teachings of Christ, and more about preserving ecclesiastic power and privilege … Meanwhile, Romero is commemorated as a martyr in the Church of England’s liturgical calendar on 24 March each year. His image was among ten statues of martyrs of the twentieth century placed over the Great West Doors of Westminster Abbey in 1998.




Maybe rainbows are there

All the while

Waiting for the perfect raindrop

to fracture the light

and shine the color through.


Maybe poems are there

At all the edges

Waiting for the perfect word

to pierce my heart

and shine the color through.


-Carol Anne Modena

Port Townsend

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