Telluride Sports Lets in the Light
by Martinique Davis
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LIGHTENED UP – Telluride Sports’ remodel created a brighter showroom that consumes less energy. (Photo by Brett Schreckengost)
LIGHTENED UP – Telluride Sports’ remodel created a brighter showroom that consumes less energy. (Photo by Brett Schreckengost)
Remodel Uses Green Technologies

TELLURIDE – In the process of bringing in more light, Telluride Sports also lightened up, eco-style.

The outdoor retailer recently revamped their main street location, knocking down walls, eliminating extra storage space and effectively breathing new life into the storefront that has served as Telluride Sports’ downtown hub since 1994. The end result is a lighter, brighter shop that boasts more floor space, and consumes less energy.

“We were ready to work towards being more eco-friendly as a company,” says Telluride Sports Sales and Marketing Manager Michael Hein, who explains that the recent renovation of the two-story shop on the corner of Fir and Colorado streets in downtown Telluride accomplished the goal of creating a more welcoming ambiance for shoppers while reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

The renovation, which closed Telluride Sports from the end of the ski season until just before the Bluegrass Festival, sought to modernize the space, which has served as a retail location since the early 1970s.

At the end of nearly two months of construction, the once low-ceilinged shop was transformed into a more spacious and greener store. The gear loft, which had housed camping supplies, was removed. The cash register and counter was repositioned, allowing better flow through the store. The wall behind the old register was eliminated, permitting the afternoon sun to reach deep into the shop through the tall, expansive windows framing the western wall. The skylight, once all but unnoticeable, was exposed and expanded.

Downstairs, closed-in storage space was eliminated in favor of increasing floor space for bikes in the summer and ski and snowboard gear in the winter.

The store’s structural changes allow more natural light to enter the store, effectively reducing the store’s energy consumption. More natural light equates to fewer hours of light bulbs burning, and lower temperatures at which thermostats need to be set. “We’ve cut our consumption considerably,” Hein reports, adding that the reduction in consumption has led to a welcome reduction in energy costs as well.

Additionally, Telluride Sports opted to install super energy efficient lighting throughout the space, further fostering their commitment to reducing their energy consumption.

The changes within the shop have been greeted with approval from longtime customers, Hein says. “From a customer service standpoint, the layout is much better,” he says.

The most palpable transformation customers will see is the increase in floor space, specifically on the lower floor where the repairs counter now boasts an open layout and what used to serve as storage catacombs, covering the entire eastern half of the downstairs, is now open and dedicated to camping gear and bikes. In the winter, the area will house ski and snowboard equipment.

“It looks like a big city bike shop,” Hein says of the lower floor, which now has enough space to display the store’s entire line of mountain bikes and cruisers. Yet it won’t be long until Telluride Sports will be gearing up for ski season, rolling out their winter lines in anticipation of the first snowfall. The infamous Blizzard sale is slated for the third week in August. “We’re definitely getting ready for another epic winter,” Hein reports.
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