Republicans Host Annual Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Saturday, June 4
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MONTROSE – The Montrose County Republican Party hosts its Annual Lincoln-Reagan dinner Saturday, June 4, at the Holiday Inn Express, 1391 South Townsend. Tickets cost $50 and can be purchased at DeVinny Jewelers, Laursen Repairs and Around the Corner Art Gallery. They can also be purchased on line at

The evening starts at 6 p.m. with a silent auction and cocktail time, followed by dinner and guest speaker Rick Wagner, talk show host of “Getting it Right” on KNZZ 1100AM, who will talk about the GOP challenges for 2012 and how celebrating the past can help the party plan for its future.

Second Chance Pursues Special Use Permit for Angel Ridge Ranch

RIDGWAY – Second Chance Humane Society is on the path toward purchasing a new animal shelter at Angel Ridge Ranch, Executive Director Kelly Goodin announced this week.

“Angel Ridge offers everything that we have been seeking in a new shelter – location, affordability, adequate space for operations allowing the animals to thrive while awaiting adoption, a welcoming environment with ease of public access, appropriate distance from neighbors, and easy access to the river trail and other trails for walking the dogs,” she said.

Although under contract, the purchase is pending approval of a special use permit, which requires passing several levels of approval, including the joint Ouray County Planning Commission/Ridgway Area Planning Board and the Board of County Commissioners, to allow animal shelter to relocate to Angel Ridge.

Located at the intersection of U.S. Hwy 550 and County Road 10, Angel Ridge Ranch was most recently used for varying purposes including an animal sanctuary for horses and a variety of other farm and companion animals, boarding for dogs, a bed and breakfast, a wedding venue, and more. (It is also the site of the recent unsuccessful attempt by Sun Edison and SMPA to develop a solar ranch, which was overwhelmingly quashed by public opposition.)

Goodin pronounced herself “cautiously” optimistic that the 52-acre grounds, the community will recognize this non-commercial venture as being in harmony with the beauty of the surrounding area and rally its support. “Second Chance is committed to satisfying all County requirements for obtaining a permit as well as understanding and mitigating community concerns. We will be approaching the surrounding neighbors to share with them our plans for the property and address any apprehensions that they might have – we want to make this work for them too,” Goodin said.

San Juan Kids Cavity Prevention Program Receives Oral Health Innovation Award

DENVER –The Telluride Foundation’s school-based cavity prevention program, the San Juan Kids Cavity Prevention Program, or Skippy, launched in partnership with the Montrose Community Dental Clinic and the Forsyth Institute in Boston, has won statewide recognition for Innovation in Children’s Oral Health Care from the Colorado Association of School-Based Health Care.  Skippy was selected among 47 school-based health care centers in the State of Colorado at the Association’s annual meeting in Denver this month.

“We are so proud of the Colorado Association of School-Based Health Care award and the great service the Skippy program is providing to our regions  kids,” said Gary Steinbach, Skippy Administrator.  “In our region, many kids lack a dental home or regular oral health services. The award recognizes Skippy’s success in achieving strong school support and participation, the clinical  outcome results and study and our health insurance enrollment program.”

According to Steinbach, Skippy’s wide acceptance at 12 participating elementary schools in Naturita, Paradox, Norwood, Telluride, Ridgway, Ouray, Montrose, Olathe and Delta, has been key to the success of the program. Since 2008, Skippy has provided two cavity prevention treatments each school-year to over 950 children each school-year.

Skippy participates in a clinical outcome study which is conducted each year by the Forsyth Institute, Boston. According to Richard Neiderman, DMD, Director of Evidence Based Dentistry, children participating in three or more Skippy treatments experience the following oral health outcomes: First, the percentage of children experiencing pain, abscesses or swelling, was reduced from 15 percent of children on the first visit to only 3 percent by the third visit.  Second, the percentage of teeth with untreated decay was reduced from 3.2 percent to near zero or 0.6 percent.

According to the Colorado Association of School-Based Health Care, Skippy is the only school-based oral health program in Colorado that participates in an ongoing clinical outcome study conducted by an independent clinical research organization. 

Skippy also provides a health insurance enrollment program. “Our program identifies children who do not have health insurance and coordinates health insurance enrollment services for eligible children and their families in Medicaid and CHP+,” said Steinbach. ‘Since 2008 Skippy has identified over 400 uninsured children without health insurance and has enrolled 220 eligible children and their family members.”

Funding has been provided by the Telluride Foundation, the Caring for Colorado and El Pomar Foundations and private donors. The program is free for all local children and is offered in elementary schools in Ouray, Montrose, San Miguel and Delta counties. Since the program’s inception, 2,511 treatments have been delivered to nearly 1,000 children ages 5-12 at twelve participating elementary schools.

The Local Healthcare Initiative was established by the Telluride Foundation in 2006 to identify and strategically act on health care service gaps and leverage resources and programs among providers and clinics. Its mission is to improve the health of children and adults in San Miguel, Ouray and west Montrose counties by collaborating with local health care providers to identify and prioritize local health needs and by developing, funding, and implementing preventive health programs. 

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June 01, 2011
"Lincoln-Reagan Dinner" is an interesting name in that it includes one of our nation's most revered Presidents and another - while certainly a likeable fellow who served our country - was an actor who appeared in Chesterfield cigerette commercials.

I'd be able to support a "Lincoln-Eisenhower" dinner ... as it would be a more genuine reflection of what was once "right" with the GOP and conservatism.

Simply because Reagan was a popular POTUS in recent times ought not make him the poster child for the GOP ... why do people seem to forget the national debt basically trippled under his reign from about 1 trillion to almost 3 trillion dollars?

I believe President Reagan tried his best to do the right thing, but in reality I think the "idea of Reagan" is way out of line with the reality of what his administration actually accomplished. Is political revisionism a solid foundation to move forward?!? It was laughable to keep hearing the questions posed to the GOP candidates during the primary as to how they each compared to Reagan. It's transparent to me, at least.

Regardless, he had access to "the football" for 8 years and the button wasn't pushed. In this day and age, this is a good thing which can't be understated!

Until the GOP can actually stand back and take a sober look at who they're propping up and why, it's going to be more and more of the same. If a truly moderate GOP candidate were to have run in 2008 such as Sen. Chuck Hagel or Lincoln Chaffee, I'd have voted for either in a HEARTBEAT over Obama! I think a lot of folks would quickly take to a more grounded conservative individual vs. what was offered up the last go around!

I'm not voting for Obama this time around, unless the leading opposing candidate is far worse. So, I'm REALLY looking for a moderate conservative to support. Currently, Ron Paul would be my first choice, but will be holding out to see if maybe, just maybe, we get a choice who shares a similar philosophy but is more of true "QB".

Backing up again, ask yourself: would Lincoln have posed smoking a cigarette for an advertisement?