Mountain Village Postpones Adoption of Comp Plan
by Martinique Davis
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MOUNTAIN VILLAGE – The Mountain Village Comprehensive Plan has undergone a multitude of renderings since its inception, but its architects believe the next iteration will be its last.

Mountain Village Town Council decided last week to postpone the long-awaited adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, citing lingering issues concerning development of a “Recreation Zone” envisioned on a parcel between the Peaks hotel and Mountain Village Center, and the potential development of hotbeds on the area currently home to the Meadows Magic Carpet.

Another “moving part” still in need of contemplation is the proposed Conference Center expansion, envisioned for the area between the Peaks and Mountain Village Boulevard.

Town Council was originally expected to adopt the Comprehensive Plan at the June 1 special meeting, but Mayor Bob Delves explained that council and town staff had received “a flurry of feedback” since the last public meeting, initiating a number of minor and a few substantive changes to the much-deliberated Comprehensive Plan.

The council will now consider adoption of the plan at its regularly scheduled meeting on June 16. Once adopted, the Comprehensive Plan will serve as an advisory document that will act as a framework for future development in the community.

Mayor Delves told Council on Wednesday, “I want you to make a comfortable decision” regarding adoption of the document. Ultimately, council decided to postpone adoption thus enabling the major players affected by projected development on an area called “Parcel J” to iron out foreseen issues.

Parcel J, or the swath of land between the Peaks hotel and the Meadows (Chondola) lift, is currently home to the Peaks-operated tennis courts. That area, envisioned as a “recreation zone” on the Comprehensive Plan, could include some form of a multi-use, covered tennis pavilion that could double as convention space. It could also be built as a recreation center, with aquatic and athletic facilities.

As was noted at council’s Wednesday, June 1 meeting, the concept is complicated by the fact that the land is currently owned by Telluride Ski and Golf, and the community recreation space would need to be owned and managed by the town.

Additionally, the Peaks homeowners’ association has a view easement, necessitating that organization’s approval of any vertical development on that site.

The proposed conference center expansion, which also includes an expansion of Peaks hotel rooms, was also noted to be a complicated ownership situation requiring further review by TSG (the majority landowner) and The Peaks (who would manage the commercial hotel operation.)

Peaks owner Todd Herrick and TSG CEO Dave Riley, who came before council on June 1, agreed they could arrive at an arrangement regarding ownership and operation of the conference center/Peaks expansion, but said they would need more time to consider the details.

“I think we can come to an agreement on how to do the Conference Center [expansion], because as we all know, that’s a public benefit,” Herrick told council.

The issue is complicated by the fact that if a community-oriented type of recreation center cannot be built on Parcel J, due to ownership complexities and neighbors’ concerns, then Parcel K, currently envisioned for a hotel, takes over, albeit as “second best” option, for the recreation center.

“If we can’t fit in the Recreation Zone [on Parcel J], we feel compelled to hold onto Parcel K,” Delves explained at the meeting.

Ultimately, it was decided all parties needed time to work out the details. Delves said Thursday that the ultimate goal is to have the “final, final” redlined version of the document finished and posted to the Mountain Village website sometime this week, with the intent of adopting it at the June 16 meeting.

Last Wednesday’s meeting also saw Mayor Delves respond to a letter penned by the San Miguel Board of County Commissioners. The letter, while noting overall support of the Comprehensive Plan, expressed concern about the Plan’s strategy to rezone active open space while replacing it with equal or greater open space “in the general location” of the rezoned open space.

In his opening comments, Mayor Delves said staff would compose a letter in response, but emphasized his confidence that the Comp Plan’s adoption can move forward bearing in mind the BOCC’s stated concerns.
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