Is Skiing Enough? Don’t Forget Your Upper Body, Too.
by Coach Robert Miller, NSCA Fitness Professional
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Here we are in the middle of the ski and snowboard season and some of us are already anticipating the warmth of spring and how we will look this summer. I will discuss a few alternative training tips that can enhance your entire physique, as well as your current winter activities.

Skiing and snowboarding are as demanding and dynamic as it can get for your lower body and core workout. But what about your upper body strength? The fact is there is just not a lot of upper body strength needed for the fore-mentioned activities. If you can incorporate some upper body strength movements like chin-ups and push-ups, or some rows or power cleans into your winter program, I can guarantee you will have a pretty amazing physique come April and springtime weather. Even squats will enhance your upper body as well as your lower.

Of course I do recommend proper instruction from a Professional Trainer or Strength Professional that can prescribe a program that fits your needs and goals.

As a longtime strength and conditioning coach, I always would have an offseason workout program for my fall and springtime athletes just to keep them on top of their game. I always tried to keep it functional and progressive to avoid plateaus, you know? Exercises that were multi-joint rather than single joint are my recommendations due to the fact that they recruit more muscle fibers and require more muscles to perform.

And I don't mean bench press and bicep curls. I will discuss some exercise recommendations in other articles.

So there you have it, skiing and boarding are fantastic for strength and balance for your core and lower body but some upper body work will get 'er done completely. Stay fit!
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