The Looming Quarterback Controversy in New York
by Gus Jarvis
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So it’s been a fine NCAA Basketball Tournament; in all, there have been some great upsets, exciting finishes and just overall great hoops action. But frankly, there are bigger fish to fry these days in sports, so we’ll stick to what’s important: What will become of Tim Tebow as a New York Jet? Or, better yet, what will become of the New York Jets with Tim Tebow?

Most of us thought Tebow was going to end up a Jacksonville Jaguar, making his quarterbacking start in his hometown in front of fans who really love not only his play but his religion and attitude seemed the perfect fit. Yes, Tim Tebow was destined to be a Jaguar.

So fat Rex Ryan and the New York Jets walk into the picture, and sweep him away in a trade with the Broncos just after Denver was able to miraculously seduce Peyton Manning in playing for them. Many Tebow-maniacs questioned the Broncos trade. Tebow isn’t getting paid that much, so why not just keep him as Peyton Manning’s second-string quarterback?

Well, there are two answers to that question. One, Tebow wants to be a starter – he’s done with being second-string. Two, with Peyton aboard, the team needed to get rid of the distraction that is the Tim Tebow media circus. That’s just the way it is.

All that being said, the Jets come in and take Tebow as their supposed second-string quarterback to the young heartthrob Mark Sanchez. While Sanchez has shown some moments of success on the field during his short tenure as a pro quarterback, he sputtered through a disappointing last season. What Sanchez, along with Jets coaches and fans, should understand, is this: Tim Tebow is gunning for Sanchez’s starting job. Tim Tebow is no longer a second-string quarterback.

And then there is the media circus that is Tim Tebow. I think it's a great fit for New York City. Why not? It's the media capital of the world, and the installation of the Tim Tebow story will be one that’s watched from around the world with great interest. I’m reminded of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. Here’s our hero going at his usual antics, but this time he’s lost in New York! Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what happens to our hero and that city!

OK, so maybe New York City is a great place to house the Tebow circus, but I do know that there is one team that doesn’t need yet another circus, and yes, that is the New York Jets. The team is made up of a thousand distractions. Rex Ryan making Super Bowl promises. Who’s dating Mark Sanchez? Is Sanchez fighting with his receivers? Why not add Tim Tebow to that mix? It’s not like the Jets have enough on their plate already, right?

I don’t understand the Jets’ move to acquire Tebow, but I never understood the Broncos’ first-round draft pick in getting Tebow, eitherl, and it turned out pretty well in Denver for Tebow, all things considered. For the Jets, Rex Ryan and the Jets’ front office say they have a plan. And that so-called plan needs the playing ability of Tebow to run the wildcat offense here and there. I thought the wildcat was so 2008, and a thing of the past, but somehow Rex is going to revive the formation with Tebow.

I hope Rex Ryan’s plan includes thwarting the biggest quarterback controversy the National Football League has ever seen. Make no mistake about it, people. The Jets have the biggest quarterback controversy on their hands right now. It’s just in the budding stages, but this quarterback controversy is going to bloom into a full-fledged football scandal. If you thought the Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow controversy was good, wait until it’s blown up, New York style.

How many incompletions and poor offensive drives is it going to take before Jets fans start chanting “Tebow”? How many losses before there’s a “Start Tebow Now” billboard posted on the way to the Meadowlands? In both cases, it won’t take long. I believe Sanchez is a fine quarterback, but he’s far from perfect, and perfect is what he needs to be if he doesn’t want crazed Tebow fans on his ass constantly.

The Kyle Orton-Tim Tebow controversy in Denver was interesting to watch. Orton had great numbers and was kind of washed up. Orton was boring and couldn’t win. Tebow was exciting and found a way to win, despite terrible numbers.

The looming Mark Sanchez-Tim Tebow controversy is juicy. Both young, both good athletes and both very, very different. It will be the young frat boy heartthrob from Southern California against the young goodie Christian football player from Florida who’s saving himself for his future wife. Really, Tebow and Sanchez couldn’t be further apart from each other, in terms of personality and now, they’ll be working together day in and day out.

Rex Ryan will look like a cartoon this season. On one shoulder there will be Sanchez, dressed in red with horns. On the other shoulder, there will be this glowing white quarterback topped with a gleaming halo. Right now, Rex finds himself leaning toward the loose ways of the devil, but you’d better believe Tebow is going to do his best to convert Rex’s sinful ways, all season long. Will Tebow find the strength to convert Rex or will Sanchez continue to lure the team lower and lower?

Wait – we are still talking about football, right? Sorry.

I have never been a Jets fan but you had better believe I will be watching the Jets next season, more than ever before. The Jets are a train-wreck right now, and with Saint Timmy on board, I can’t turn away. I have to see what’s going to happen in this drama we call the Jets. Days of Our Lives, eat your heart out. This is real drama. Tebow drama. And when I’ve had enough drama, I’ll go ahead and turn back to the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning for some good old-fashioned ass-kicking football. or @gusgusj
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