Why Publish Schultheis’ Opinions?
by S. W. Baum, Ouray
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I don’t read your rag much.  So I initially got quite a kick out of Rob Schultheis’ Sept. 13 Dispatch on page 4 where he engaged in free associations of Republicans with all manner of disparaging insinuations, including: cynical and grotesquely ugly; right-wing storm-trooper types and vigilantes; lynch mob; fire bombing of churches; assassination of civil rights leaders; white-hooded psychopaths and demagogues; black people hung, burned alive and shot; assassination [again]; extra-legal imprisonment; press censorship; K.G.B. atrocities; corrupt cronies; and stealing, swindling and looting.”  Why, Mr. Schultheis threw in everything but “unborn baby killers.” I was in stitches. The guy’s a master, I said to myself.  I thought it was satire of the first order.

Then I saw the letter to the editor on page 35 complaining that Mr. Schultheis’ Aug. 30 Dispatch had been more of the same, and was constrained to conclude that Mr. Schultheis takes himself seriously.  

Never mind that he’s profoundly insulted half the country, or that he’s got his facts all wrong.  That voter fraud has been proven in Minnesota where 1,199 felons fraudulently voted, more than enough for Al Franken’s 312-vote margin of victory, giving Democrats a 60th Senate seat and a filibuster-proof primrose path to Obamacare.  Never mind that the last time we saw voter intimidation at the polls was by New Black Panther Party Democrats.  Never mind that the KKK was organized and ruled by Democrats targeting Republicans, black or white.  (Why do you think MLK, Jr. was a Republican?).  Never mind that the old Soviet Union was a failed leftist state markedly more aligned with Democrat ideology than Republican.

Mr. Schultheis is entitled to his corn-pone opinions.

What I can’t figure is why any self-respecting newspaper would publish them.
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October 16, 2012
Yeah, pal.... he has earned his right to an opinion by being erudite, informed and having served his nation proudly....... you - on the other hand - are too predictable for words. The proof that you are clueless: Joe Lieberman is NOT a Democrat. You can't even count, much less reason. What party are all those KKK progeny in now? Your Tea Party Republicans. You guys would kick Lincoln or TR out of the party today for being "Communists".......