Elizabethan Report to Rock Fly Me to the Moon Saloon
by Rebecca Thoreson
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GROOVIEW Get Schooled With Library Science at Las Montañas

TELLURIDE – The Labor Day weekend brings a burst of tantalizing treats for music and movie buffs alike, with a flavor for every taste from folk to hip-hop, dub, pop, jazz, rock, and oh, those fabulous film scores!

While the Telluride Film Fest dominates the weekend, there’s plenty going on with the music scene, and after a long day of sitting in the theater, get out and shake your booty at any number of downtown clubs, which will be hopping for the holiday.

Tonight, get to the Bubble Lounge, where one of the San Juan Mountain’s favorite bands, Fall Baby, is ready to kick it down with their spicy mix of Reggae, Americana and spanking fresh rock and roll. The band took a little hiatus, but is back in action, as Helene Cassarini, a.k.a. "H," explains.

“We just did a three song demo to get our juices flowing," she relays. "We've all decided to get a little more serious about doing an album, so we're going for it."

Cassarini is joined by the talented Doug Allee on guitar, along with Melanie Kent on bass and Robert Ford on drums. All of the band members have birthdays in the fall, hence the hooky moniker.

Fall Baby wowed the crowd last weekend at the Ouray Chillin' fest, and Cassarini says, the band is pulling out some new stuff. "We're psyched. I've been writing some new songs, and it seems like everyone's in the right place at the right time. We're getting really focused on practice, and learning some new material, which we're polishing up. We're working on more originals all the time," she explains, and notes that the band is truly regional. “Doug lives in Dolores, Mel is in Ophir and Robert and I live in Ridgway, so we're trying to keep it together with the distance. Ophir Town Hall has been really generous in letting us practice there!"

Super fun, and infinitely groovy, dig on Fall Baby, tonight at the O2 bar.

Saturday night at the Bubble, it the return of Poesis out of Manitou Springs. The band, which takes its name from quantum physics, mixes it up with their unique blend of jazzy pop and funky rock. Poesis, by the way, will be rocking the Rico Theater tonight as well. Catch them at least once this weekend.

Next week at the Bubble Lounge check out the Claybrook Penn Band, featuring Penn’s gorgeous vocals and Bryan Thames on guitar. The duo plays the O2 bar on Wednesday night.

Thursday night, it’s the return of T-Town @ Bubble Lounge, the musician’s showcase which next week will feature Norwood’s Otra Vista, with opening act Franco Funicello. Get out and support your local musicians at T-Town on Thursday nights at the O2 bar.

Tonight at The Floradora, catch Reverse Cowgirl, the alt-country husband and wife team featuring Mark Izard and Janet Humphreys. The marvelous acoustic guitar work of RC is a delight!

Onward and upward, or downward as the case might be, get your bad self over to the Fly Me to the Moon Saloon, where you can get a dose of hip-hop with DJ Essential, and there's no cover for the dance party tonight.

Saturday night at the Moon, it's Tom's favorite pick for the summer, with the Elizabethan Report, who recently shared the bill with Bob Dylan at Anthony Kiedis's New American Music Union (NAMU) festival in Pittsburgh.

"It really came out of nowhere," says guitarist Spencer Petersen. "Some rep found us on myspace, and I thought it was like some fake scam, but it turned out to be the real deal, and there we were in Pittsburgh with Dylan. It was awesome!"

Alt-rock-fusion at its finest, the ER hails out of northern Utah, where believe it or not, there's a thriving scene. "There are actually quite a few good band here," says Petersen. "It seems like the farther north you go, the more hardcore you get!"

The mulit-talented Petersen adds that the project was forged at BYU. "Tony and I had been screwing about and got a big list of songs. There was a drummer we found who was still in high school, and we flushed him out of another band. We just hope he doesn't know how good he is! We added Hillery, who sings and plays random instruments like the toy piano and tambourine.

“It's kind of a crazy mix of music which has evolved, because we all come from different influences from hip-hop to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I'm heavy into the Strokes and Tony is a big Talking Heads and Morrissey fan,” he explains. “I guess you could say that the style is high-energy rock with some poppy hooks, but actually we're still trying to define what it is. Some guy in Pittsburgh called us afro-punk. The one main thing I want is for people to come out and dance and create a ruckus, that's what energizes us!"

The amazing band has a five-song EP out that they produced last winter, and Petersen says, there's more on the way. "We are in the works of tracking full-length, all new material with maybe a little more mass appeal. We're gonna go full out on it. "

The Elizabethan Report will be hitting Durango on Friday night, and roll into the Moon on Saturday. "We're really excited to get to Telluride, especially with the Film Fest happening. There should be some movin’ and shakin’ going on!" Get down and shake it, with the funky Elizabethan Report at the Moon Saturday night.

Sunday night at the Moon, get a taste of local color with Part Time Bad Habit, who kill it with their seamless segues which flow stylistically from Taj to Nine Inch Nails. Slap bass, slide mando and hot tasty lead licks lend an edge to these rising local stars. No cover Sunday night by the way at the Moon.

You may want to pay the cover down the street however, as it's time to get schooled by Seattle's Library Science, who will take over Las Montañas on Sunday. The Seattle-based band combines their love of dub with electronic and visual effects for a kaleidoscopic Jamaican indie-rock mix.

“I’m sort of the music engineer guy,” says multi-instrumentalist Peter Lynch. “Andy and Courtney are both graphic designers, so they do this crazy animation, so we run the full multi-media gamut for our shows, it’s pretty entertaining to look at, and gives people access to the psychedelic nature of our music.”

Lynch is joined by Andy Arkley, who plays bass, melodica, vibraslap, and more, plus Courtney “Susan” DeLint on keys, melodica and vocorder. “Yes, he’s a boy named Sue,” laughs Lynch, who adds that the project had an unusual start. “Andy and I got together and decided to make a dub album, and we were sampling everything in the house. We used a door stopper, and put a bunch of reverb on it to make it sound odd. We sampled a heater which made a certain buzz when you put a bass next to it. We’re always searching for new sounds to incorporate into the dub, and expand on our roots.”

Library Science put out their tremendous CD The Chancellor about a year and a half ago, and Lynch says the band is continuing to develop fresh grooves. “We are just finishing up a new EP that we’ll have on this tour. We’ve gotten a lot more dance-y and influenced by more trendy, up-tempo sounds, so we’ll do some new stuff as well as material off The Chancellor for this show.”

The trio is pushing it, as they will be driving in from Boise the night before the show. “The Telluride gig is shaping up to be a big effort. We have a 79 Ford Econoline which hopefully will make it up the hill! I have a cousin, Peter Shelton, who lives in Ridgway. He’s one of my favorite people.”

Lynch adds that the band booked the gig too late to find a room, so will somebody please give this band a place to stay!?

Visually stunning and exquisitely funky, get schooled in the latest dub and electronica with Library Science at Las Montañas Sunday night.

Llama Presents at Las Montañas has been bringing in great shows all season long, and the trend continues next week, with the return of Vince Herman’s Great American Taxi on Wednesday night.

Taxi romped the Telluride Bluegrass crowd earlier this summer, and according to keyboardist and vocalist Chad Staehly the band has been rolling along ever since. “It’s been a great summer, we spread ourselves out around the country doing festivals.” The band has been touring in support of their stellar Streets of Gold CD, and Staehly says fans can look for some new stuff as well. “We’re gonna be recording a new Taxi record, with some of the Railroad Earth guys helping us out. Barry Sless is gonna play pedal steel on it, you know, he’s been out with Phil & Friends and is just a phenomenal player.”

Great American Taxi will be doing several dates this fall with Railroad Earth. “We’ve developed a great relationship with those guys, and you know, there’s a little cross pollination going on,” says Staehly. “Anywhere Vince is, you just never know who might end up on stage.”

The effervescent Vince Herman always puts on a rollicking show, and Staehly says the band is looking forward to returning to Telluride. “We love coming into a town that has only one way in and one way out. We always hate leaving. So we definitely like the one way in the best. Telluride’s always a blast!”

Get on board to boogie with Great American Taxi, next Wednesday and be sure to check out The Deadrestless Thursday night, with Mike Dillon’s Go-Go Jungle on the way next weekend at Las Montañas.

In Ridgway this weekend, it’s the return of James and The Devil, who will be hitting the Sherbino Theatre on Saturday night.

Also on the way, The Spam Allstars round out the Sunset Concert Series next week in Mountain Village.

And believe it or not, Blues & Brews is now just two weeks away. Secure your pass soon, the line-up is smokin’ hot. Get more at tellurideblues.com.

Happy Film, and have a rockin’ Labor Day weekend!
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