In No Way Will Georgia Live Up to Its No. 1 Hype
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My summertime blues are coming to an end this weekend with the start of the 2008-09 college football season. Yes, this weekend is stacked with exciting football action, even if there are some blowout contests lined up.

Alabama (24) will be at No. 9 Clemson. Sixth-ranked Missouri will be hosting No. 20 Illinois, and let us not forget the Mile High Showdown matchup between the CSU Rams and the no-good Colorado Buffs – always a great game, even if CSU will probably once again take the best of Colorado crown.

Can Appalachian State again spoil another team’s season straight from the start? Nobody thought they could do it to Michigan. Will the boys from Boone repeat the feat during Saturday’s match up against SEC powerhouse LSU?

To end this weekend of college action, the glorious Tennessee Volunteers will be taking on UCLA in a different kind of Monday Night Football – college style. I predict that “Rocky Top” will be the theme that evening.

Best of all, we get to anticipate another great season that is sure to be full of surprises – if we haven’t seen enough surprises before the big season even begins. I am obviously talking about the No. 1-ranked Georgia Bulldogs.

Can you believe it? Can the Bulldogs believe it? I know I can’t. It’s amazing to me that the college football pollsters have given them the top ranking going into this weekend. Yes, they are in the SEC, the best and biggest division of college football, but at the same time they are among 11 other teams, all of which (as we have seen in the past) can be as good as ever: Florida, LSU, Tennessee. Georgia who?

The Bulldogs are coming off a seemingly big win in last year’s Sugar Bowl over Hawaii, 41-10. But was that win really so impressive? Sure it was against an undefeated Hawaii team led by quarterback Colt Brennan, but so what? Hawaii impressed the football world most of the season, but at the same time they had the second-easiest schedule in all of college football.

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt said the preseason ranking of No. 1 has been beneficial in that it has given the team some extra focus. “It is a motivating factor for our guys, an excitement factor for our guys that people believe that about our program,” Richt told The New York Times. “The know it’s up for judgment again every week going forward.”

Well, I have already judged. They are most certainly not the No. 1-ranked team, or at least they won’t be very long.

Why? Well, it all starts with the offensive line and as the O-line goes, so goes the team. Heading into this weekend’s weak matchup against Georgia Southern at home, the Bulldogs find themselves shuffling the O-line around because of injuries and poor off-the-field decisions.

According to the Times report, none of the Bulldogs’ starters between the tackles on the O-line has played the position they will be playing on Saturday. Two leaders of that offensive line will be missing. Tackle Trinton Sturdivant is already out for the season with a serious knee injury. Guard Clint Boling is suspended.

Eight Bulldog players have been arrested in 2008. One for damaging a hospital when he went to check on two other players who were injured earlier that evening in a bar fight. I smell trouble for this No. 1-ranked team. Coach Richt has had to suspend or dismiss at least six players.

“This has been a huge concern for us,” Richt said. “We’ve been juggling more in this camp than we did all of last year on the offensive line.”

I said it before, and it bears repeating: as the O-line goes, so goes the team. And right now it looks as if they are headed straight for the gutter. A fall from grace, if you will, even if they never really reached the top.

Saturday’s matchup will be a blow out. Two weeks later they face South Carolina, followed by Arizona State and a showdown with the Crimson Tide. Then Tennessee, and LSU two weeks later, followed by Florida. No, they will not run this gauntlet and continue to be the number one ranked team in college football. They simply don’t have the playing power to do so.

I suspect that by the end of the season, Georgia will be ranked no higher than 20, if they are ranked at all. Happy college football!

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September 03, 2008
We'll see...... GSU had 20 of their starters on a one game suspension!!!! GO DAWGS!!!