SPORTS WATCH | Tim Tebow Deserves Better Than Fat Rex’s Circus
by Gus Jarvis
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The New York Jets are the biggest train wreck of the NFL right now, and because they are so, so disappointing and bad, it’s hard not to watch. Watching the Jets play football is like watching daytime TV drama. It’s trashy, poorly produced and sad, yet it’s impossible to ignore.

It was what, two or three years ago, that the New York Jets were featured on HBO’s fantastic Hard Knocks series? Before watching the behind-the-scenes action at Jets’ training camp on that show, I’d never given much thought to the Jets. I’m a Bronco fan, so I could really care less about the Jets. But after seeing the fat Rex Ryan organize his team on that HBO show, I admit I became somewhat fond of the Jets and Ryan’s coaching style.

Ryan has a humorous way of motivating his team. It’s as if he found a way to have fun and build a good football team at the same time. I liked it, and so did much of the nation who got caught up in the series.

Fast forward to the beginning of this season, the Broncos send the ever-polarizing quarterback Tim Tebow to the Jets. Just exactly what Rex Ryan was planning to do with the versatile Tebow was anyone’s guess. It seemed like the perfect place to send Tebow – he was going to go to the big city and be in the prime-time spotlight.

Well, with just one game left and the Jets eliminated from any sort of playoff run, the Tebow experiment in New York was a complete bust. Well, lets not say it was a complete bust – Rex Ryan didn’t even give the Tebow experiment a try. Not playing Tim Tebow has completely soured my view of the big-mouthed coach.

Following a loss to another terrible team, San Diego, on Sunday, the Jets are sitting at a dismal 6-9 record. Neither quarterback Mark Sanchez nor Tim Tebow played in the game, with Ryan giving third-string quarterback Greg McElroy the start.

Benching Sanchez for the game was an easy decision, a no brainer. Sanchez has been absolutely terrible lately and he deserved to get benched. Frankly, I think Sanchez wanted to be benched at this point in the season.

With Sanchez riding the pine, one would think fat Rex would go to his second-string quarterback Tim Tebow to take a start under center. Even though the Jets are out of the playoffs, you know the nation would tune in to see Tebow finally start for the Jets. Instead, fat Rex gave all of us, and Tebow, a big fat middle finger and started the third-string McElroy instead.

Most of us have nothing against McElroy. He seems like a young, able quarterback who will, at some point, be a successful quarterback in NFL. The drama here is why did Rex Ryan pass over Tim Tebow? And if Rex isn’t going to start Tebow now, why did the Jets bring him to New York in the first place? Was it just a media ploy to bring more hype to New York? Or is this an instance where Rex is being stubborn and won’t give in to the pressure Jets fans are putting on him to finally start Tebow? Whatever it is, a new reality has set in in New York. The Jets’ party is over. Nobody likes the Jets anymore. Even their own fans – proven by booming boo’s on Sunday – don’t like the Jets anymore. At least fat Rex could have given the few fans who went to the game on Sunday something worth watching. He should have started Tim Tebow.

For me, I was more than happy to trade out Tebow for Peyton Manning, and after winning 10 straight games, who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want Tebow to do well. For all the excitement and close wins Tebow brought to the Broncos last year, I would imagine most Bronco fans still have some admiration for the guy. He was exciting and he played well enough to take the team to the second round of the playoffs last year.

I think most of us were excited to see more Tebow magic in New York, just as long as it didn’t interfere with the Broncos making a Super Bowl run. Now, with the Jets season in the trash, I do feel bad for Tebow. I think the Jets used him to get publicity and when it became time to give him an opportunity to start, they passed over him for whatever reason. The Broncos may have initially brought him in to boost their publicity as well, but at least Denver had the cajónes to give him a try.

In New York, Tebow deserved better. Perhaps his mistreatment is a product of Tebow’s over-positive attitude? We all know Tebow puts the team first and will not complain about a lack of playing time. After Tebow was passed over last weekend for McElroy, Tebow did show some signs of anger by reportedly telling fat Rex he didn’t want anything to do with the Jets’ wildcat package against the Chargers on Sunday, and he also removed himself from his regularly scheduled press conference. Of course, this is the way Tebow plays out his anger, but maybe he needs to show more anger.

Maybe it’s time Tebow flies off the handle and just gets downright angry? Maybe even throw in a “gosh-darn angry” comment here or there. Tebow will not be with the Jets next year. I think we all know that. What Tebow needs to show is that sitting on the bench is not OK with him. He needs to show other teams that may be interested in him next year that he’s going to fight both with his actions and his mouth to be a starter in the NFL. Tebow needs to get mean already. reported on Monday that it’s an almost 100 percent certainty that Tebow will be heading back to his home state, and hometown, to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars next year. To me, this would be just about perfect, and I would be excited for both parties if it happened. Jacksonville needs a boost in publicity. Tebow needs a place to play. It’s a match made in heaven. Tebow as a Jaguar will make both Tebow and Jacksonville worth watching again.

As for the Jets, I hope everyone, including the GM, fat Rex, both offensive and defensive coordinators, and Sanchez get fired at the end of the season. The Jets are the biggest disappointment of the league right now and ownership should wipe the team clean and start from scratch.

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