GUEST COMMENTARY | Turning Awareness Into Action
by Kris Holstrom, EcoAction Partners
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Are you ready to do something positive for our future right now? Better, more fun and more effective than a New Year’s Resolution  check out EcoAction Partners’ Truth or Dare contest. It’s the brainchild of the creative and energetic younger staff members of our organization. It’s an online challenge with a big social networking component. Participants have the opportunity to take on a series of 20 “dares” requesting lifestyle changes that will positively affect the environment. The task is simple; complete the most dares throughout the entire contest (until March 11) and win prizes.

Play by signing up at Then follow the link to the Truth or Dare Facebook group page, to join; Browse the list of dares provided, and decide where you’ll start. Actions you take should be documented with a quick photo or video; they are posted for all to see and share! You get points every time you accomplish a dare and post photographic evidence of your action. Half points are awarded for dares accomplished and documented simply with a comment, but no picture or video. We will also award one “miscellaneous” point for each posted environmentally friendly action that is not directly related to a dare.

Prizes will be awarded to the participants with the top ten point counts. We will also award five prizes for photographic and environmental creativity, so have some fun with it! The prizes are many and varied – from a 60-minute massage to Ah Haa School classes to wine, yoga, lodging and much more! You play, we all win!

EcoAction Partners is very pleased to be partnering with the Wilkinson Public Library in a series of educational events to inspire action in 2013. Our first speaker, coming up in February, will be Kenny Ausubel, co-founder of Bioneers and fellow Westerner living in New Mexico. Save the Dates, as he’ll be speaking to us the evening of Thursday, Feb. 21, and again the morning of Friday, Feb. 22, in a community roundtable event. If all goes well we’ll have him speak in Ridgway the Feb. 22 as well. While his visit is still a month off, we’re hosting a book club between now and then to read and review Kenny’s most recent book, Dreaming the Future: Reimagining Civilization in the Age of Nature.

Bioneers began when Kenny coined the term in 1990 to reflect a new group of “biological pioneers” – social and scientific innovators who are mimicking nature’s operating instructions to serve human ends while enriching the web of life. From the start, Bioneers has shared visionary solutions for restoring natural systems and healing human communities. In their words, “We act as a thriving source of breakthrough solutions, education, connection and inspiration.” Their annual Bioneers Conference held in the fall is a sell-out event in California. Here in Telluride we’ve benefited from the live-streamed Beaming Bioneers that allows communities like ours to participate in the conference plenaries in real time.

“Kenny Ausubel leads us into that possible new world and introduces us to the thinkers and doers who are-sometimes quietly, sometimes not, leading what he calls ‘a revolution from the heart of nature and the human heart,’” writes David Gerson, a leading social change expert, of Dreaming the Future.  “In a collection of short, witty, poignant, even humorous essays, Ausubel tracks the big ideas, emerging trends, and game-changing developments of our time. He guides us through our watershed moment, showing how it's possible to emerge from a world where corporations are citizens, the gap between rich and poor is cavernous, and biodiversity and the climate are under assault and create a world where we take our cues from nature and focus on justice, equity, diversity, democracy, and peace.” 

Most of us know what it is we should be doing to be better citizens – decrease our impact on the environment and engage positively with our community – but that knowledge doesn’t always translate into real actions. We hope through the book club and Kenny’s inspiration that we move from knowing to doing.

Please email me at if you are interested in the Dreaming the Future book club that will meet prior to Kenny’s visit. We can have a Ridgway and a Telluride book group, if there’s enough interest!

For more information about the book club, Truth or Dare or sustainability in our region call us at 970/728-1340, or, visit our website at or stop us on the street!

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