Local Esthetician Focuses on the Whole Person
by Erin Raley
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Sheri Bailey
Sheri Bailey
Bailey Reopens Business After Fire Damage

RIDGWAY – Six months after a fire ravaged her home in Ridgway, local esthetician Sheri Bailey is back in her home and back in business.

“It has been a long process for me,” said Bailey. “But the town of Ridgway has been so supportive. Every one reached out and helped as much as they could, and I’m ready to start giving back to the community.”

Early in the morning on Feb. 15, Bailey’s life changed within a matter of minutes, when she awoke to find her ceiling on fire. Bailey called 911, threw on what clothing she could find and ran out of the house to watch flames consume her skin care studio and half of her home. The fire was reportedly started by insulation that was too close to a wood stove pipe.

“It seemed surreal, yet I was quite peaceful and very accepting of what was happening,” Bailey said.

With the south side of her home destroyed by fire, Bailey replaced her home’s trusses and rebuilt the living room and treatment room. Due to extensive smoke damage, she also remodeled the interior of the rest of the home, including a new kitchen and new carpeting.

Her business, Inner Essence Skin Care, has also been rebuilt, and Bailey’s local clientele have eagerly been anticipating its reopening, slated for today, Tuesday, Sept. 9. “People have been chasing me down to find out if I’m open yet,” said Bailey. “I’ve had the most loyal following. It’s been so touching. I have this huge wave of gratitude to the community for that.”

Bailey, who has been practicing for 19 years, specializes in holistic skin care.

“It all shows in the skin,” said Bailey. “If you’re healthy, your skin shows it. If you’re stressed, your skin shows it. If you’re at peace, your skin shows it. It's all connected.

“It really is about your inner essence. It’s not about your exterior. It’s about where your smile is from the inside out.”

Bailey works exclusively with natural and organic skin care products, and uses Ayurvedic and aromatherapy skin care techniques. She concentrates on symptoms associated with high altitude and on preventing the visible signs of aging. With an eye to her clients’ emotional, mental and physiological states, Bailey customizes skin care treatments for each person.

“All my years in the skin care business have taught me how to identify certain symptoms that may be occurring with the skin, which can indicate something out of balance within the body,” Bailey said.

When it comes to surface issues, the most common problem Bailey is keeping skin hydrated in this harsh climate. To counter this problem, she uses oxygen treatments and hydrating products made by a local company called ISUN Organic Skin Care. Bailey uses a device called a Lam Probe that works on broken capillaries, and she uses micro-currents, which are a subtle way to tighten muscles and loose skin.

When Bailey meets with a client who needs care beyond what she can provide, she refers them to natural health care practitioners in the area. Bailey is a firm believer in holistic health and wants to help her clients find the care necessary for the healing of body, mind and spirit.

“It’s all about the whole person,” said Bailey.

Bailey and Inner Essence Skin Care can be reached at 626-4448 inner.essence@yahoo.com.
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