What Can I Say? Cheaters Never Prosper.
by Gus Jarvis
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Normally, I am not one to wish injury or bodily harm on anyone (well, maybe Al Davis, but that is for another time), but when I found out that New England pretty boy Tom Brady blew out both his ACL and MCL in last week’s opener against the Chiefs, I could only think of one thing: Football karma has finally come back to bite Head Coach Bill Belichick in his sweatpants-covered ass.

After taking the preseason off because of a so-called foot injury, last year’s NFL Most Valuable Player went down after Kansas City safety Bernard Pollard was blocked low into Brady’s knees, causing a weird, slow fall down that was unmistakably nasty. After going 0-4 in the preseason without Brady, the team struggled to beat the AFC West-floundering Chiefs after Brady was hurt midway through the first quarter.

Brady, 31, a three-time Super Bowl champion, will not make his 129th start next weekend as he faces surgery in about a month followed by six to nine months of rehab work. The next time Brady could set foot on a field for action is 10 months from now as the Patriots training camp begins late July.

“We feel badly for Tom about the injury,” Belichick told The New York Times. “You hate to see anyone go down, but nobody has worked harder or done more for this team than Tom has. It’s a tough setback for him.”

It’s a tough setback for him, his team, New England fans, and fans of football in general. Brady certainly was the star of the league. One has to wonder now, was this injury to their number one player worth Belichick’s cheating ways of the past?

I understand injuries are a part of football. Got it. But Brady’s is the injury to bring the New England’s house of cards down. With that devastating blow last weekend, the team went from an 18-1 team to an 8-9 team. No, there will be no playoffs this year for the Pats. Sorry. It just isn’t going to happen. Brady was the team.

Who’s to blame for the injury? It most certainly has to be Belichick. His ways of the past are now haunting him. Belichick was caught cheating at last year’s opener against the Jets when a New England video assistant was caught filming the Jets defensive coaches, information that would obviously be used later in the game to decipher what defensive formations were being called.

Belichick was eventually slapped on the hand by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with a fine and a loss of a draft pick. I think everybody else in the league wanted a bit more, maybe even a pound of his flesh. Who knows? His cheating continued though, and Goodell decided not to proceed with any further investigations. Everybody but Goodell knew that the Pats overwhelming wins throughout the year were surrounded by a cheater-like stench worse than a 3-month-old’s diapers. We all knew he was cheating. (There were even reports of microphones planted on defensive players shoulder pads to hear defensive signals during the game.) But ol’ Rog, he didn’t do anything about it.

Well, it’s a new season and a newly broken Tom Brady. The karma has come full circle and its Belichick’s turn to pay. If I were Brady, I would be pissed right now. If I were a Pats’ fan, I would be pissed right now. Belichick has brought the bad juju to the team and its results are devastating.

“You expect a guy to really be down on himself,” wide receiver Randy Moss told ESPN.com. “I think he was more down last Sunday. Just from a few conversations and text messages, he is still positive. That is what you can hope for in a guy like Tom.”

Still positive? Positively pissed at Belichick for putting himself in crutches for the next year.

Well, what now?

“We’ll evaluate our options and do what’s best for our football team, just like we always do,” Belichick told the Times.

Untested QB Matt Cassel will be under center next weekend against the newly Favre-ignited J-E-T-S. Cassel’s last start was in high school. Ha! This season just got a little better for me.

With Brady out, now is not the time to remove the spotlight from Belichick. Who knows, maybe the guy wasn’t planning on cheating this season. Maybe Belichick was reformed after he got caught and was going to win a championship the noble and right way. Now, he is not. He is desperate. He will cheat again. Hell, maybe even this weekend. I mean it is the Jets after all, and that’s where this whole thing got started.

Nope, New England Patriot football on the field will be no longer worth watching. It’s the stuff behind Belichick’s closed doors that needs surveillance.
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Jack the Good Ag
September 12, 2008
Thanks for the un-biased commentary; I hope it doesn't bite the donkeys in the a.. Maybe Merriman's surgery is payback for the mounds of steroids he's taken over the years.