Remembering Wes Perrin
by Dan Chancellor
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Our friend, Wes Perrin, passed away last week. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, His body will return to the earth. For a long time, Wes, in a real and important way, has been returning to the earth. He lived a simple life, left a small footprint and through his promotion of environmental awareness and ecological programs, he returned much to our planet. 

To accomplish his goals, Wes acquired a vast knowledge of the many facets of energy use, energy development and the complex political systems that surround it. Using this knowledge, combined with remarkable skills and determination he helped to forge a better future for all of us. As a longtime member of the San Miguel Power Association board, he sought his goals with toughness and tenacity. Though he drove a hard bargain, he was always respectful to his adversaries. Wes was a straight shooting, no nonsense pragmatist, but his friends know that he had a tender side. Once, I lamented the cruel treatment of animals born into factory farming. Wes replied to this by saying,” That is the biggest reason why I am a vegetarian”. 

In his life Wes Perrin spoke boldly and succinctly. Now that he is gone, there is no-one who can adequately speak for him. In some ways, Wes and I were alike. I believe that he would not want people to remember him with money spent on flowers or even spent on fighting the horrible disease that took his life. He would rather that we donate to reversing the tragic course of self-destruction facing our planet. Even more than that, he would want us to commit our time, our level of comfort and whatever it takes to move toward a sustainable future. 

There are many reasons to turn down the thermostat, pick up a hitchhiker or to find a way to not turn on the car’s ignition. The next time that I take one of these energy saving actions, part of my motivation will be the memory of an environmental champion, my friend, Wes Perrin. 

– Dan Chancellor 

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