Unleash the Power of the Mighty Moringa Tree
by Gus Jarvis
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BILL GLASSCOCK, co-owner of the recently re-branded Telluride Moringa Connection. (Photo by Gus Jarvis)
BILL GLASSCOCK, co-owner of the recently re-branded Telluride Moringa Connection. (Photo by Gus Jarvis)
Learn About the Botanical at Two Presentations Next Week


WESTERN SAN JUANS – The Telluride Moringa Connection hosts presentations in Telluride and Montrose, on Wednesday, June 5 in Telluride, and on Thursday, June 6, in Montrose, showcasing the health and wellness capabilities of the moringa tree with nutritionist and moringa expert Russ Bianchi.

Dubbed by many the “miracle tree,” the moringa oleifera plant is a botanical said to pack an unparalleled nutritional punch. By providing the body’s immune system with 92 nutrients, adherents say it supports healthy digestion, has 46 antioxidants and 20 amino acids, supports normal glucose levels in the body and can heighten mental clarity. Found in regions within 10 degrees of the equator, the plant has been traditionally used for skin, respiratory and digestive ailments, but now the focus has shifted to the immense nutritional benefits it can provide.  The plant and its benefits were featured in the November 2011 issue of National Geographic magazine.

“This is not a nutritional supplement; it’s a raw whole food that’s enzymatically alive. That’s why it’s such a powerhouse,” said Telluride Moringa Connection co-owner Bill Glasscock. Glasscock and his wife, Lisa Garrett, recently rebranded and relaunched their business, Zija of Telluride, as the Telluride Moringa Connection. Case in point, said Glasscock: “You get the same vitamin C in one gram of moringa as seven oranges.” The moringa further offers three times as much potassium as in bananas, 25 times as much iron as spinach, four times as much calcium as milk, and four times the Vitamin A found in carrots, he said.

The Telluride Moringa Connection is an independent distributor of moringa-based Zija products. The various drinks made by Zija are made from the plant’s most beneficial parts, including its leaf, fruit and seed.

Longtime skier and paddler Glasscock discovered Zija products in 2011, when health issues ranging from inflammation and arthritis to acid reflux kept him away from the activities he loved. “Not only did it help me regain my health,” he said of ingesting moringa; “it helped me to take my sports training to new levels.

“This botanical has been around for 10,000 years, and we are just now figuring out how to get the full benefit of it,” Glasscock said.

Zija’s products unique, he said, because they use the nutritionally dense desert variety of the plant and, by handling the plant from harvest through production, are able to keep it enzymatically alive. Other producers flash-dry the tree product, Glasscock said, making it enzymatically dead.

The Telluride presentation takes place Wednesday, June 5, at 6 p.m. at the Wilkinson Public Library; the Montrose presentation takes place Thursday, June 6, at 7 p.m. in the Montrose Library University Campus, room 102.

For more information, call 970/708-1211 or visit thetelluridemoringaconnection@gmail.com.
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