The Time Is Now
by Holly von Helms, Montrose
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Ahora es tiempo! The time is now! There 180,000 people who contribute to the economy and the welfare of Colorado living in the shadows, fearful every minute of being separated from their families and deported. These hardworking people, who are not afraid of long days and the sweat of toiling in the heat, are responsible for adding $760 million to Colorado’s economy. Their donations to Social Security will add $240 billion to the SSA’s coffers in the next 10 years. Yes, contrary to the opinions of some outspoken critics, they do pay taxes and FICA.

It is time for immigration reform. It is time to establish a legal means for working immigrants to come to our country and do the work that we choose not to undertake but that is essential to the welfare of the United States; especially in agriculture and the hotel and restaurant industry. I cannot imagine where we would be if 11 million of those steady workers were suddenly deported.

We are on the cusp of bipartisan immigration reform. Let’s keep the momentum going in the right direction. Let your Senators and Congressional representatives know you stand for positive and effective immigration reform. Ahora es tiempo! 


– Holly von Helms, Montrose

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November 21, 2013
These people would not be 'living in the shadows' if they had stayed in their own countries, and not come to Colorado illegally! At no time are these people immigrants, they are illegal aliens, criminals by the definitions of American law. Can't you people come up with new slogans at least? 'The work Americans won't do', 'living in the shadows', 'where would we be without those 11 millions steady workers'! What a load of bull! I will be calling and emailing MY Senator requesting, Report and Deport!!
November 21, 2013
dear PC,

According to your theory, YOU should not be here! THEY have been in this country,before the founding of our country. Welcome to Colorado ( which is a Spanish word ) !