Forty Years of Telluride
by Peter Sellars
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Tom Luddy reminds us that there are people of exceptional integrity setting astonishingly high standards for themselves and the rest of us, and who thankfully are engaged in productive, creative and morally redemptive work.  Tom’s incredible and deeply abiding positivity comes in a low-key, modest form. But do not be fooled: It drives his relentless inclusiveness and his willingness to seek out new talent and call and recall older talents whom the rest of the world has forgotten.  It illuminates and informs the way in which he takes care of his friends, who now number in the thousands.

We get incredible phone calls day after day, week after week, that shift the way we see the world, that remind us of something we’ve forgotten or open a window that we didn’t think could open; that light up some corner of film history, or, equally provocatively, the history of political movements and the art and act of memory.

There are things that must be remembered.

Starting, in the old days, with phone numbers: Tom’s superhuman and prodigious gift for remembering everyone’s phone number goes hand in hand with his knowing that what makes a better world is when the people who need to be in contact with each other have each other’s phone numbers. Plunging us all into new and unexpected solidarities, Tom brings us to the grateful realization that none of us is alone.

I have made some of my most profound and life-changing friendships under Tom’s gentle guidance. Tom’s network of generosity and imagination, kindness and deep mutual regard is one of the defining conditions of my life. And day after day, week after week, year after year, I’m really very grateful.

– Peter Sellars
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