‘When Will We Ever Learn?’
by Holly von Helms, Montrose
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Are we really looking at yet another war situation? When will we ever learn?

A young man told his mother at dinner last night, very matter-of-factly that he “will be drafted into World War III!”  What legacy are we leaving for our youth?   The fear of being drafted into what surely will be the last World War?

Jobs are hard to find; salaries are not rising with inflation; homelessness is on the rise; poverty is at an all time high; our country is in debt and we’re talking about intervening in yet another conflict at the cost of how many billions? 

Is there no other way to threaten Assad than with bombs and missiles?  110,000 people have died in that civil conflagration. Hundreds and thousands died in the futile war we started in Iraq. Afghanistan is still an impossible situation with no chance for a “victory.”  

What about all the innocent folks who are dying in Africa?  Why aren’t we jumping into war on that continent?  Seems all of Africa is in conflict about one thing or another. 

In the 80s there was an organization called ‘Beyond War’ which focused on handling conflict with peaceful means. Since when is it cowardly to ask others to sit down with us and discuss options for peace across the table? Do we really have to try to be the world power that we no longer are?  Reputation and status are fleeting; integrity, honesty and nonviolence endure beyond measure. 

– Holly von Helms, Montrose

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