‘Time to Stand Firm’ Against ObamaCare
by Don Rapp, Olathe
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The October 16th issue of The Watch granted approximately 20 column inches to a letter titled “Attn. Scott Tipton: We Need the BLM” citing in the authors words, “the supreme stupidity” for not voting for a clean CR.  In my opinion the stupidity is misplaced.  In view of what is now known about ObamaCare, one has to be stupid not to deny funding of a modern police state with the enforcement authority the law grants to the IRS, the “death panels” and the destruction of our free enterprise health services in this nation.  We are told the negative effect of ObamaCare is upon one-sixth of our national economy.  Many conservatives believe that once in place no matter how destructive, we will destroy any chance of readjusting our health care services back to modern health care standards.  Now is the time to stand firm and prevent ObamaCare from proceeding further.

Absolutely we can do better for the uninsured with a number of proposed changes in health insurance regulations, such as cross state lines insurance plans; tort reform; emergency care reform, and even rural medical incentives.  That is what Representative Tipton is working toward and we should thank God for men and women with Tipton’s integrity.  The shutdown of the BLM and other parts of the government rests on the President’s shoulders and the pettiness of his administration to refuse to negotiate on any of the dozens of funding Bills passed by the House of Representatives and supported by Representative Tipton.  President Obama bragged he would transform America forever.  Passing a clean CR and funding ObamaCare will begin to seal our national fate.


– Don Rapp, Olathe
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